Adform Wins a Red Dot Award

Adform recently received a Red Dot Award in the Interface and User Experience category for its reimagined product platform —Adform FLOW. This award is a huge honor, as anyone familiar with design will attest that the Red Dot Awards are one of the most widely recognized professional design competitions in the world. Previous recipients include BMW, IKEA, and Sony among many other leading brands.

With roughly 20,000 submissions annually, the Red Dot Awards continue to be a much sought-after stamp of approval. 1955 marked the first year that a jury came together to evaluate the best designs of that era; since then, the prestigious distinction “Red Dot” has been a seal of outstanding design that is highly regarded internationally.

This award is a testament to Adform’s client-focused approach to technology, and its central mission to reduce complexity in the ad tech ecosystem. By designing an intuitive platform, that guides users along campaign workflows with AI-driven recommendations, Adform’s goal was to give clients a clear and holistic overview of the campaign life cycle and help them drive optimization in the simplest conceivable way.