Adtech Startup Illuma Technology Set for Rapid Growth as It Joins PWC’s Prestigious Raise Programme

British adtech startup Illuma Technology has been selected for capital fundraising through PwC’s Raise programme.

Illuma is an independent contextual AI specialist which uses proprietary technology to intelligently expand advertising campaigns without relying on personal data or cookies.
The technology reads the live contextual signals that are driving brand awareness and engagement and expands to find new audiences at scale, when and where they are most likely to be receptive to advertising messages.

Global brands including American Express, Aviva, TUI and Pernod Ricard are now enjoying success with Illuma as an alternative to cookie-based targeting, which is currently being disrupted by GDPR, CCPA and changes to browser settings – most notably Google’s plans to remove cookies from Chrome next year.

Illuma was founded in London in 2015 by data scientists from Cambridge University, UCL and Imperial College. It is now integrated into the world’s leading DSPs and has been deployed in thousands of successful advertising campaigns worldwide.

Illuma co-founder Peter Mason said: “We are thrilled to be among the 0.5% of applicant businesses chosen to join PwC’s Raise programme. Illuma offers solutions to several pressing industry challenges and our proposed expansion is in line with demand for our new contextual technology. We are excited about what lies ahead.” 

PwC Raise helps high-growth scale-ups raise their Series A+ funds. Illuma joins the programme in February 2021.

About Illuma
Illuma Technology is a British company at the forefront of contextual AI in programmatic advertising, committed to helping build a sustainable online ecosystem which delivers results for advertisers while prioritising user privacy.
The technology is well placed to address the challenges facing the online advertising industry, including, how to:
●       deliver scale while maintaining audience relevance and campaign performance.
●       target in a way that is compliant with GDPR, CCPA and increasing privacy regulations.
●       overcome browser anti-tracking changes, such as those announced by Google Chrome.
●       take campaigns across a broad range of brand-safe editorial inventory.