Residential DOOH Brand Vertical Impression Partners with Rogers Sports and Media

New sales partnership creates unique opportunities to mix cutting-edge DOOH ad tech with multi-channel advertising buys.

Edmonton: Canada’s largest residential elevator advertising company, Vertical Impression (VI), has signed an exclusive sales agreement with Rogers Sports & Media (RSM). Starting in January 2021, Vertical Impression’s ad inventory and advertising analytics will be offered as part of RSM’s omnichannel advertising offering.

“This partnership presents an amazing opportunity for both organizations”, said Fouad El-Masri, co-founder and CEO of Vertical Impression. “Our platform plays very well with mixed media buys and our residential positioning has proved to be extremely resilient to the many changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought.”

“We are aggressively expanding in the digital out of home space,” said Al Dark, SVP of Revenue, Rogers Sports & Media.  Our partnership with Vertical Impression gives our customers the ability to reach different audiences in different locations at different times of day and complements our robust suite of offerings.”

Unique tech and positioning enables rapid growth.

As a result of its unique residential positioning, VI has thrived during a period where most other OOH spending has been cut.  “Vertical Impression’s growth is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in OOH”, said Brian Wyatt, Executive Partner at VI and former Partner of Newad.

In addition to the viable residential market, VI’s proprietary targeting and measurability has helped fuel their rapid growth. Marketers are no longer satisfied with the status quo of campaign reporting and audience data that is common in OOH. They want real-time targeting technology to create moments that resonate with audiences. Brands will be able to understand what demographic groups are engaging with their creative, allowing for campaign optimization before deploying across a larger media investment portfolio.