Undertone Takes Significant Step by Aligning Brand Story With Successful 2020 Company Strategy

Unprecedented 2020 results, confirm market fit of high-impact ad units and technology innovation, inspiring new brand presentation to fully communicate Company’s strong differentiation

NEW YORK — Undertone – a leader in data-driven, Intelligent High Impact campaigns, unveils a fresh new brand narrative – including positioning and graphic identity – that fully captures the Company’s unique ability to converge the inseparable art and science of advertising to orchestrate campaigns that “break the impact barrier” by connecting with and inspiring consumers, brands and publishers alike.

“This new company narrative beautifully captures what we’re about”

Starting now, Undertone will go to market as offering “Intelligent High Impact” solutions across all channels – including Interactive CTV – which was added to the Company’s product suite last year and helped drive the successful business results, as the market rapidly adopted the ability to break through the “attention wall” on virtually all screens and devices.

“This new company narrative beautifully captures what we’re about,” said Dan Aks, president of Undertone. To deconstruct the statement, “high impact” is what Undertone’s eyeball-dominating creative has always done, while “intelligent” recognizes our strong underlying technology and AI-driven targeting, which have benefited from significant Perion R&D investment.

“Undertone has been a pioneer in digital media for more than 20 years,” added Aks. “Our mission has remained unchanged – to crush KPIs with stunning and un-ignorable creative. What has changed is rapid evolution of AI, machine learning, and overall data sophistication – which bring unprecedented speed and precision to the challenge’s brands face today: capturing, measuring and optimizing attention across all screens and formats.”

This new chapter for Undertone includes a completely new website, new marketing materials, standard operating procedures, and so much more. In addition, Undertone is now showcasing a brand new explanatory video that dramatizes how the Company breaks the impact barrier for brands.

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Intelligent High Impact

…that’s machine learned & creatively designed

About Undertone:

Undertone creates memorable ad experiences by thoughtfully orchestrating solutions across video, advanced TV, rich media, and social, to drive unmatched brand lift and audience engagement on virtually every screen, and every device. Their award-winning creative team uses the company’s 20 years of experience, and billions of impressions worth of data to intelligently craft campaigns that can drive full-funnel KPIs while making meaningful connections with the 200MM+ unique users they can reach every month. Undertone brings the art and science of advertising together to intelligently craft campaigns that uplift consumers, brands, and publishers alike. Visit undertone.com to learn more.