Adtelligent Introduces Native Support for AMP Ads

Adtelligent is now offering native support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) integrations to help publishers with ad monetization. An ad technology company, Adtelligent, helps publishers get better yield using a holistic approach to supply and demand management.

Dover, DE – Adtelligent is pleased to announce that its efficient ad tech platform now natively supports Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) integrations for ad monetization. This US-based company is in the process of designing a demand pathway optimization solution that will bring back the much needed transparency, control, and margin to publishers. The company has already been acknowledged as one of the fastest-growing independent technology companies by Inc. 5000 in 2016 and 2017.

AMP is the acronym for Accelerated Mobile Pages, a project that was designed by Google as an open standard to help publishers load pages quickly on mobile devices. Advertising continues to be a critical component of the business model for every publisher. AMP has proven to be a gamechanger in the advertising space by bringing about a paradigm shift in the way ads are delivered, built, and measured on the web. AMP helps increase viewability and click-through rates for ads, which improves monetization for the publisher and performance for the advertiser.

AMP HTML ads are similar in nature to traditional HTML ads. However, instead of coding them in traditional HTML, they are coded in AMP HTML. By creating the ads in AMP HTML, the ads take advantage of the same optimizations and performance utilized in AMP, making them a faster, lighter, and more secure way to advertise on the web.

The approach to ad monetization using AMP is still in the process of development. As a result, earning revenue from it can be a complicated process for most publishers. The feature-rich solutions from Adtelligent augment the workflow of the publishers and strengthen their technology independence. The highly proficient team at Adtelligent has already done well to address some of AMP’s critical challenges, such as cookie-syncing. This has ensured a smooth transfer of data between the platforms for the company’s customers. By optimizing the publishers’ inventory and configuring their ad units, Adtelligent can help them generate revenue without any hassles. AMP armored with header bidding wrapper is another opportunity for publishers to start monetizing with AMP. Furthermore, Adtelligent functions as a standalone ad manager in the AMP infrastructure that publishers can also use us as a primary ad server. 

“We are delighted to introduce Accredited Mobile Pages (AMP) integration as a new feature for our publishers to get additional revenue from their audience or mobile traffic. We believe that mobile audience has huge potential for monetization, and AMP is one of the crucial parts to get a higher yield,” said Ivan Liashok, Head of R&D at Adtelligent.

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About Adtelligent
Adtelligent is a sell-side ad tech vendor providing holistic demand management and intermediation solutions for publishers. By integrating ad serving for display, video and native, header bidding wrapper capabilities, and outstream functionality as a whole stack, Adtelligent has established a new standard for selling inventory to programmatic buyers. The company ensures publishers with in-house SaaS solutions for ad inventory monetization and yield optimization.