Adtelligent Joins IAB Canada’s Transparency and Consent Framework

Adtelligent has announced their approved status as the latest vendor to join IAB Canada’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF Canada), showing the company’s commitment to building a more transparent and privacy-oriented advertising environment.

IAB Canada, the national trade association and thought leader for the Canadian interactive marketing and advertising industry, in partnership with IAB Tech Lab and IAB Europe, announced the launch of the Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF) for Canada on November 28th, 2022.

Adtelligent appreciates its users’ privacy and keeps up with the most relevant rules and regulations on personal data protection, fully informing people about the processes for using their data. Trust and transparency are what we expect from our business partners and what we are always ready to provide. With any Adtelligent solution, users are guaranteed that their data is used just as specified in the relevant agreements, and with this knowledge, people can give their informed consent.

“Our inclusion as a vendor in the TCF Canada demonstrates our commitment towards ethical and transparent advertising,” said CTO and Co-Founder Yurii Gorokhov. “By adhering to the framework’s technical specifications and policy guidelines, we aim to support clear data usage communications and empower users to manage their consent preferences. We are proud to contribute to advancing digital advertising standards, ensuring a bright future for our clients and the entire industry.”

The added registration of Adtelligent to TCF Canada provides the digital advertising market with another organization that has proven its full compliance with existing privacy rules and regulations, thus raising the overall level of trust in digital advertising in that country.

About Adtelligent
Adtelligent is a global advertising technology company that provides in-house solutions allowing online media companies, digital sales houses, and ad networks to monetize their websites and applications advertising inventory effectively. The company offers technologies to manage supply-side partners (SSP) and demand-side partners (DSP). The company also has Header Bidding Platform, that streamlines the ad selling process and ensures ad revenue optimization. Adtelligent unique business approach delivers cutting-edge advertising technologies to more than 20,000 publishers globally helping them facilitate revenue growth and capitalize on the digital advertising market. Please see to learn more about our programmatic advertising solutions.

About TFC Canada

The Transparency and Consent Framework Canada (TCF Canada) acts as a roadmap for publishers, technology vendors, agencies, advertisers, and digital marketers to ensure they are working under appropriate legal purposes for processing personal data in the Canadian market. TCF Canada provides technical specifications and policy documents to help players in the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem clearly and consistently communicate with end users about their data use. It also provides an opportunity for users to object and manage their consent preferences.