Introducing Hovr; the World’s First and Only Networking as a Service

Hio is set to start their beta of Hovr; a patent-pending, [easy to set up] tool that makes it simple to build and participate in an engaged community, on any website. Hovr encourages on-site engagement and makes networking around a brand, product or service easy, captivating, and seamless.

Philadelphia, PA  — Hio, a venture-backed start-up, is showcasing a fresh perspective on relationship building and networking in the post-pandemic world. They have just announced the beta testing of a new, patent-pending software, called Hovr.
Hovr adds a real-time social dimension to any website; allowing website visitors to easily connect and interact with each other and the brand—anytime, anywhere.
Hovr makes it possible to build a vibrant, active, engaged community on an existing website, by simply “hovring” on the website. It is fully brandable and can be ready to use in less than two minutes.

With Hovr, brands can highlight upcoming offers or events, host events such as Q&A sessions through different Hovr channels; get feedback about products and services,  join in the community’s conversation, and even provide more personalized customer service, — all without writing a single line of code.

“Hovr will have a positive impact on brand affinity and will help businesses increase website engagement, get visitors to stay longer, drive up purchase intent, increase SEO value, drive a sense of community, and grow overall revenue,” says Hio’s CEO and Founder, Jason Craparo.

Hio is officially testing the Hovr beta with a maximum of 50 companies or website publishers. Those that join the beta will receive early access to new features, live Q&A with Hio leadership, and deep discounts. To find out more about Hovr, or to join the beta, visit:

About Hio
Hio powers the human connection. As a venture-backed start-up that offers a software to help build better relationships, Hio strives to create software that makes networking delightful, while creating amazing customer and event experiences. Hio’s advanced but easy-to-use features will spark delight, build brand affinity, and increase customer and attendee engagement. Power deeper, more dynamic connections today at