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Nova Enables Social Display Programmatically for 5,000 Brands

Nova Enables Social Display Programmatically for 5,000 Brands

Polar has spun out its programmatic solutions for brands and agencies into a standalone business, Nova. The business is accelerating investment in the talent and technology powering Social Display, its flagship creative solution that has been adopted by 5,000 brands to activate 12,000 campaigns in 30+ countries in the past year.

Polar has provided hundreds of trusted publishers with creative ad format technology since 2013. Revenue soared in 2020, growing 93% for its publisher solutions and 331% for its programmatic solutions for brands and agencies, now operated as Nova.

“Despite exponential revenue growth in the past year for both Polar and Nova, the Social Display market is still nascent. The untapped opportunity to bring better creative to programmatic for brands and agencies is deserving of continued investment,” shared Kunal Gupta, CEO.

Nova also welcomes Foursquare veteran Leah Malone as CRO and GM, US Market. Nova has more than doubled its team in the past 6 months, now with a global team of 75 people in 16 countries.

Nova’s mission is to build bridges, not walls.

Nova’s Social Display makes it frictionless for brands and agencies to marry the effectiveness of social creative with the efficiency of programmatic.

“The creative that brands build for walled gardens is beautiful, engaging and effective. Until now, it has been stuck within their walls. When the same creative built for Facebook or Instagram is distributed programmatically on the open web at scale, brands see a demonstrable increase in the results that matter most to them,” Kunal Gupta, CEO. “Brands are looking for solutions to unlock the full value of their creative investments.”

Brands and agencies use Social Display with Nova to repurpose any social creative built for walled gardens, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more. Within minutes, using Nova’s self-serve interface, brands and agencies generate a creative ad tag that they scale programmatically by activating with any DSP, on any display supply on the open web. Nova enables trusted measurement with existing ad servers, viewability, brand safety and attribution providers.

Nova is the leader in Social Display.

Amazon, American Express, L’Oréal, McDonalds, Microsoft, P&G, Samsung, Spotify, Starbucks and Walmart are some of the 5,000 brands who use Social Display with Nova to extend their campaign reach beyond walled gardens, strengthen user engagement on the open web and increase conversions with better performing creative.

IPG has scaled Social Display with Nova. 250 IPG clients have activated 900 campaigns for Social Display with Nova in 22 countries during the past year alone.

Sean Muzzy, President for IPG’s Matterkind:
“Ad format innovation has happened primarily within social platforms, leaving traditional formats behind. With Nova, our clients take advantage of the higher engagement of their social creative and extend that in a brand safe fashion.”

Programmatic specialist, MiQ, accelerated revenue growth with Nova and improved results for clients across financial services, telecom, retail, luxury, government and CPG with over 135 campaigns activated in the past year.

Sean Reardon, CEO, US Market for MiQ:
“Our solution with Nova has helped pair the power of programmatic with the rich, relevant creative that brands are developing for social channels – in real-time, driving notable performance outcomes for our clients.”

A new brand with a proven track record.

Nova welcomes Leah Malone as CRO and GM for the US market. Leah joins Nova from Foursquare, where she was an integral part of the revenue leadership team that experienced 10x growth in revenue during her 7 years there.

“Nova offers real value for brands, frictionless solutions for agencies and most importantly, delightful experiences for consumers. This is not language often associated with programmatic.”, Leah Malone, CRO and GM, US market. “At Foursquare, time and time again, I saw firsthand with our measurement solutions how high performance creative drove the results that mattered for brands. Better creative is the future of programmatic and Nova is the most elegant, yet simple, solution available in an overcomplicated ecosystem.”

Nova’s team of 75 people in 16 countries has doubled in size in the past six months. Globally outside of the United States, Nova now has market-facing teams in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan and the United Kingdom to support regional and local clients.

“Everywhere brands look, there are big walls or small walls for where their creative can run. Nova is focused on building bridges, not walls. This means that the best creative from social is now available to run at scale, programmatically on the open web, with Nova”, Kunal Gupta, CEO.

Get started with Nova today: CreateWithNova.com.