Jove Gives Nonprofits Free Access to New Creative-Centric Ad Planning Software

SEATTLE — Innovative ad-tech startup Jove announced today that they are offering their recently launched flagship product, Creative Insights, free to use for nonprofits. Creative Insights is a visually rich ad planning software that gives ad buyers, digital marketers and brand managers a new way of understanding data to help them create powerful advertising that connects with audiences.

“We’re proud to come alongside nonprofits to support getting their messages out, now more than ever, to help them move forward their visions for social good”

The advertising industry continues to experience massive upset during the “rise of privacy” in digital marketing, including:

  • The passage of Europe’s GDPR and the CCPA in California.
  • The growing restrictions on collecting third-party cookies, starting with Safari, Firefox and Chrome.
  • The opt-in privacy change in Apple’s iOS 14.

With these and other growing constraints on status-quo data-driven tactics, Jove offers Creative Insights as a tool to fundamentally change advertising practices, bringing human creativity and human connection back to the forefront of marketing.

Speaking to the company’s decision to open up its platform to nonprofit organizations for free, Ryan Turner, CMO of Jove, said: “On the whole, nonprofits have not had the budgets to benefit from the largely data-driven techniques for microtargeting and personalization, like the corporate sector. They have historically relied on compelling storytelling, creativity, empathy, and big ideas to attract and move audiences into action. In some ways, the so-called ‘rise of privacy’ is working to level the playing field, and we believe that nonprofits are in a unique position to lead the way in bringing creativity back to advertising.”

Creative Insights by Jove is the first creative-centric advertising software that presents a comprehensive view of all ad data across channels in a visual interface that shows the broad, thematic creative elements tied to real results. The tool offers marketers and creatives a new way of looking at advertising results that doesn’t rely on the collection of private data.

Turner continued: “Whether it’s the Gates Foundation or PATH trying to increase visibility for content that educates the public on the challenges of vaccine distribution in the developing world. Or advocacy for government support of public-private partnerships on clean energy initiatives. Or to call the attention of socially conscious entrepreneurs to new developments in sanitation technology and clean water initiatives. Or the arts sector advertising cultural events and new exhibitions. Or public radio soliciting donations. We welcome nonprofits to benefit from our platform and to put it to good use.”

“We’re proud to come alongside nonprofits to support getting their messages out, now more than ever, to help them move forward their visions for social good,” said David Atchison, CEO of Jove. “As a nation and in the world, we’re going through a time when the voices of organizations working for the greater good need to be heard above the noise. And we hope to together yield the results to prove what we at Jove know to be true—that the best marketing relies on standout creative to communicate powerfully and to connect with audiences.”

About Jove: Creative Insights by Jove uses data to spark actionable insights that inspire creative concepts and optimization across all marketing activities from creative development, brand management and media buying. Jove’s platform is the first of its kind to use data to pinpoint not only which creative concepts and media approaches work but also why. By using visuals to present creative and metrics from every channel in one place, the platform provides a big picture view of all marketing activities that has not been available previously.

About David Atchison, Jove Founder & CEO:

After receiving his Operations Research degree from Princeton, Atchison quickly realized he could use it to test, scale, and optimize digital marketing programs. And it’s worked. He has seen the macro and micro trends that adjust both small and large companies, and strongly believes that with the world only getting more fragmented and complicated, ad testing is critical when it comes to building successful global brands.

Before Jove, Atchison started New Engen, a digital marketing company serving SMB and enterprise businesses, and has served as CMO (and employee #3) at Zulily, an e-commerce company that went from $0 to $1.5B in just six years.

About Ryan Turner, Jove CMO:

With a 25-year career in marketing and communications, Turner started as a writer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. He worked with digital agencies WPP and Publicis for 10 years. Then he joined Starbucks, where he built from scratch a world-class social media operation before taking on broader scope as vice president of digital marketing. Most recently, Ryan worked at Amazon, where he led a team of creatives, media planners, and data scientists running experimentation programs in digital media.