AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ads Solution Provider Shares Industry’s Perspective on the State of Online Video Advertising

AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of outstream video advertising solutions has conducted a survey of advertising executives, aiming to take a snapshot of the current state of the digital advertising landscape.

Namely, the AdPlayer.Pro survey unveiled:

– 80% of respondents say they’re satisfied with the company’s 2020 results, and almost 95% of them admit being highly optimistic in their forecasts for 2021.
– 90% of respondents name programmatic video advertising one the key trends shaping out the online ad industry in 2021, whereas 40% of them predict content & contextual targeting will be playing a greater role, along with the 1st-data platforms (30%).
– 35% of respondents consider issues, concerning data privacy as perhaps the most serious industry challenge of 2021.
– 3 in 4 respondents admit they’re willing to adopt the recently introduced digital advertising standards, including CATS, OM SDK for Web Video, as well implement “Shared Inventory” support in ads.txt in 2021. Meanwhile, 4 in 10 will be also focusing on the implementation of sellers.json // schain.

According to Anton Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro CEO, the survey results enable forecasting the accelerated growth of the digital video ad industry in 2021 – 2022, as well as the more rapid standardization market-wide than initially expected.

“Well, it’s predictable. Most businesses, undoubtedly, acknowledge how challenging the fight against video ad fraud might be, unless they take measures to achieve higher supply chain transparency and the more enhanced video ad verification”, he explained.
The survey was conducted among 40 ad-ops and media buyers from the AdPlayer.Pro’s major enterprise partners.
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