Xandr Brings Xandr Curate to Market, Opening New Revenue Streams for Asset Owners

A platform enabling curators to package supply across multiple sellers and bundle it with unique data

SINGAPORE — Xandr, AT&T’s advanced advertising company, has today announced the launch of Xandr Curate, a platform offering data-layered curated deals across premium multi-seller inventory in Xandr’s marketplace. Using this technology, data owners and publishers are combining powerful first-party assets in a premium environment to reach qualified inventory and audiences at scale. At the same time, supply management teams can better shape supply for their trading teams by creating custom marketplaces with inventory from multiple sellers.

“Our endeavor has been to provide our clients with improved media visibility and performance for their campaigns”

Buyers are increasingly looking for differentiating data to reach their users programmatically. With changing media consumption habits and the decrease of cookies, user identity data and quality contextual data are becoming critical for media buyers to effectively reach the right consumers across multiple screens.

Additionally, as more inventory moves from direct channels to programmatic channels, buyers are moving from buying on the open exchange to private marketplaces, or “deals,” as they are looking for safer ways to buy and have better access to premium inventory.

Already leveraged by Dentsu Asia, curating supply direct from publishers allows for media consolidation into a central marketplace while eliminating non-essential pass throughs in the value chain. Together, Dentsu and Xandr’s powerful assets provide a premium environment that reaches qualified audiences at scale.

“Our endeavor has been to provide our clients with improved media visibility and performance for their campaigns,” said Sunil Naryani, VP Commercials and Partnership, Dentsu International Asia Pacific. “Supply Curation, which is central to this strategy, has been our priority for over a year now as we drive deeper platform and product partnerships with tech providers like Xandr to unlock incremental value from programmatic buying and the supply chain.”

Xandr Curate enables data owners – publishers, retailers, data providers – to leverage their exclusive assets and generate additional revenue by reaching programmatic media buyers. The platform allows customers to create deal-based media products that layer their proprietary data with inventory from sellers on the Xandr Monetize SSP, one of the largest omnichannel, multiformat, global supply exchanges. The exchange-level deal IDs are tradeable through any DSP on the market.

The platform offers a fully self-service UI, distinct from the managed service products available across most other platforms.

Eimear O’Rourke, Account Director, Xandr says: “Publishers, advertisers and their agencies often have valuable data assets they are not monetizing effectively due to the lack of existing sales channels that offer the commercial control they want, particularly with the diverse trading needs of APAC. Xandr Curate solves this by making it easy to package and price proprietary assets against Xandr’s global supply footprint into an exchange-level deal ID that’s tradeable through any DSP in the market.”

Xandr Curate is seeing global momentum, with adoption from Playground XYZ and Omnicom Media Group in Australia as well as other asset monetizers and holding companies around the world.


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