Aniview Updates CTV/OTT Capabilities, Empowering Publishers to Manage Video-ad Monetization

The company’s updated CTV/OTT capabilities extend machine learning-powered yield optimization to work with multiple demand formats

NEW YORK — Aniview (, a leading provider of holistic end-to-end ad-serving solutions for publishers, unveils Prebid Server-support, extending Connected TV (CTV) and Over-the-Top (OTT) services to additional on-demand formats. The update empowers publishers on Aniview’s platform to boost revenue through efficient streaming capabilities.

“Before this update, we needed to help our publishers with RTB and Vast integrations, which may require further efforts for them”

Aniview is currently one of the few platforms available on the market today that supports a Prebid Server in conjunction with CTV/OTT capabilities. Having a Prebid Server on top of the other available integrations, generates more demand opportunities for publishers across Multi Screen OTT solutions. It’s easy to use and another step towards seamless integrations for OTT/CTV publishers as the integrations themselves are developed and maintained by the SSPs. Aniview facilitates and orchestrates these connections.

Aniview’s platform empowers publishers to manage video-ad monetization on their own, ensuring their advertisers don’t waste money on ineffective campaigns. Its CTV and OTT technology, enables an end-to-end solution to ingest ads while video content is streaming, known to be “ad-stitching” or Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI). The platform includes a proprietary and patented video ad-player, mobile apps SDK, seamless header bidding integration, high-performance ad server, marketplace, and SSAI, in addition to the CTV/OTT auction.

“Before this update, we needed to help our publishers with RTB and Vast integrations, which may require further efforts for them” says Alon Carmel,CEO of Aniview. “Now, with the addition of a Prebid Server, Aniview’s support for OTT/CTV is extended to more demand types and with our machine learning traffic shaping and yield optimization, we see an amazing uplift from our early adapters publishers.”

About Aniview
Founded in 2013, Aniview provides a full ecosystem for managing video and video advertisements through its patented technology. Our goal is to change the video advertising landscape and have premium publishers, networks, and advertisers globally use our suite of products and enjoy an end-to-end solution. Our offering includes a reliable platform for video hosting and monetization (Adserver, Players, SDK, and Marketplace) which allows our partners to widen the reach of their services with versatile and customizable marketing tools that suit their business needs. For more info