AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ads Solutions Provider Reports Q1 2021 Results

In January – March 2021 the company surpassed 42 000 000 daily served ad impressions.

AdPlayer.Pro, an international provider of innovative video ad tech solutions reports Q1 2021 business results, exceeding 42 000 000 video ad impressions, served daily in the direct partnership with its Supply partners.

As A. Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro CEO explained, the Q1 2021 results demonstrate the company’s continuous growth, and the forecasted business results for Q2 – Q4 2021 are significantly optimistic.

“Our first-quarter results, just as the data derived from our recent survey, once again reflects the current trend that the online video advertising market is in a better shape than ever,” he added.

AdPlayer.Pro also released a number of essential functional enhancements in January – March 2021, one of the key novelties being the brand-new “YouTube Demand” video ad server capabilities. In brief, the newly-introduced feature enables advertisers to connect video creatives from their YouTube channels as a source of advertising Demand to outstream ad placements on publishers’ web properties.

As Mr. Liaskovskyi claimed the company’s Demand partners are finding the “YouTube Demand” functionality exceptionally helpful.

“There’s nothing surprising to the fact that this brand-new video ad server feature is growing increasingly popular among advertisers. First, it enables them to improve the efficiency of video ad campaign launch and A/B testing. Second, it allows driving more traffic to a brand’s YouTube channel faster and easier,” he explained.

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Founded in 2016, AdPlayer.Pro has already distinguished itself in the crowded digital video ad market by being able to meet the ever-changing industry needs with a broad range of innovative outstream video advertising solutions.

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