AniView Adopts Google’s Multi-Customer Management (MCM) Feature

With improved transparency and authorization levels to allow for better data privacy and security, AniView now leverages Google’s MCM program to empower hundreds of smaller publishers to channel their brand-safe inventory through its marketplace

NEW YORK — AniView (, a leading provider of holistic, end-to-end Video ad-serving solutions and marketplace for publishers, is now using Google’s Multiple Customer Management (MCM) solution, which makes Google Ad Exchange demand available for its publishers.

“We are excited to announce that we’re leveraging Google’s MCM solution to strengthen our vision to change the face of video advertising through innovation and collaboration with top notch companies”

With the recent rise of indirectly connected television (CTV) viewership, Advertising-supported Video on Demand (AVOD) has soared (, with ad spend surpassing $16M per advertiser in the U.S. in 2021 which is an eight percent increase year over year. These new demand opportunities, with an online media that has become dominated by video content, requires new strategies and monetization capabilities. Often held back by limited access to big inventory players such as Google Adx, this is particularly appealing for both veterans and publishers taking their first steps in the industry. Video solutions, amidst new AVOD models and OTT solutions, are an effective way to adopt and ensure advanced brand safety, optimize fill rates, and enhance yield management on cross-platform video ad campaigns.

By joining Google’s MCM program, AniView’s publishers, including their small-to-medium sized customers, can enjoy the full range of tools afforded to MCM participants. The MCM program was established by Google to help publishers streamline the number of channel partners they work with and allow for increased trust, efficiency, and monetization from the advertiser supply chain. In addition to the primary benefit of Google Ad Exchange, AniView enjoys access to additional demand from other ad exchanges via Open Bidding with MCM. Support is also provided for Programmatic Direct deals, Preferred deals, and Programmatic Guaranteed deals.

As the partnership evolves, Google vigilantly ensures that AniView’s inventory of solutions remains of the highest standard, helping to optimize the relationship over time. This includes verifying that a partner delivers real viewable impressions, grows sustainably, and offers a healthy volume of highly viewable impressions to Google’s exchange. Thus, by arming its solution with Google’s MCM benefits, AniView achieves a more effective, efficient, and transparent relationship with its publishers.

“We are excited to announce that we’re leveraging Google’s MCM solution to strengthen our vision to change the face of video advertising through innovation and collaboration with top notch companies,” says Alon Carmel, CEO of AniView. It will help us provide an exceptional customer experience, expanding our global reach, and providing a holistic response to those who do not yet understand the potential of video advertising.”

Taking the lead in transforming the video advertising landscape with its unique end-to-end video ad-serving solutions, AniView continues to innovate and expand its capabilities. Those who work with a program partner can take advantage of AdX, Open Bidding, and Programmatic Direct, which both provide superior monetization along with AniView’s innovative technology.

About AniView
Founded in 2013, AniView is an independent SaaS video & CTV monetization platform company that provides a full video management and advertising ecosystem for customers around the world. From leading publishers and premium applications to TV broadcasters and telecom companies, AniView’s robust solution is enjoyed by all its customers with maximum efficiency in the constantly evolving video landscape.

AniView’s offering includes a reliable platform for hosting, serving, tracking, and supporting cross-screen monetization solutions with ad players, SDK, SSAI, and content discovery platforms.

AniView seeks to enable and broaden their partners’ reach of service to support their ongoing business needs. For more info