JOKR Announces Global Launch of JOKR Media , Partners With Topsort

– Instant Retail Delivery Service Launches New Retail Media Platform for CPG Partners

JOKR, a leading instant delivery app, today announced the global launch of JOKR Media, a new retail media platform to increase the sales of CPG products by offering a wide variety of marketing placements. JOKR’s offline ad placements come together to provide brands exciting opportunities to seamlessly plan, buy, measure, and manage their ads and drive significant ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

In addition to in-app banner placements and offline initiatives such as sampling, JOKR is launching a new auction-based self-service ads platform for CPG partners. JOKR has partnered with Topsort, an ad-auction infrastructure provider, to allow advertisers to bid for more personalized and relevant product placements on the search page, homepage, and across various other locations in the innovative new JOKR app. The self service ad platform allows for simple campaign management through auto-bidding, pacing, and hourly reporting.

JOKR launched their global retail media pilot in November of 2021 and has since run over 100 successful paid campaigns for CPG partners such as Kellogg’s, Grupo BIMBO, and Pernod Ricard México. Following highly encouraging feedback from brands that partook in the pilot, JOKR has decided to ‘double-down’ on retail media and make it a key part of its global strategy going forward.

JOKR has hired a dedicated team to work with CPG partners to understand their needs, put together bespoke campaigns, and share detailed reporting. JOKR offers brands the opportunity to create a campaign to reach customers across all touch-points: in-app, via JOKR’s communication channels, and in-person through JOKR’s vertically-integrated delivery service.

“Retail media is a powerful new tool for CPGs to build their online presence and grow their sales, and JOKR is putting the development of a comprehensive ads offering at the heart of our strategy,” said Benedict Counsell, Vice President of Campaigns, Onsite and JOKR Media at JOKR. “We are thrilled to be able to offer our new JOKR app, a dedicated sales team, and a new self-service ad platform to our CPG partners. Initial feedback from CPGs has been very encouraging and we will continue to develop innovative, trackable, high-return products for our partners.”

“We are super excited to help JOKR launch a retail media strategy with state-of-the-art auctions technology that only a few have today in the advertising space. It’s been a great experience working with a fast partner that has solid architecture and an excellent engineering team,” said  Regina Ye, Topsort Co-Founder and CEO.