CheckM8 Releases a Richer, Rich Media Manager for Publishers

New York (February 29, 2008) CheckM8 Inc. (pronounced “checkmate”), the largest independent ad technology provider for publishers, announced it has released a new version of its Rich Media Manager (RMM) platform for publishers. CheckM8’s RMM is an advanced rich media system that enables online publishers to produce their own sophisticated rich media formats in-house, without relying on third party vendors.

With RMM, online publishers can create virtually unlimited varieties of unique ad formats to engage viewers, no longer restricting publishers to a finite set of formats that are essentially the same as what their competitors’ offer. The 3.6 version of RMM contains new features for novel format capabilities and content controls including a content analysis engine for contextual ad formats that can animate targeted words or trigger rich experiences related to keywords; dynamic control and sequence of video ad overlays on Flash and Streaming Video content players; and skinned video ad delivery to any page location. New content controls include automated pausing and hiding of increasingly popular and disruptive video players and Flash objects for full-page ad experiences such as prestitial Welcome Ads.

Also new is an enhanced ability to produce, track, and deploy popular Expandable, Video, or Welcome ads through a ready-made library as a plug-in solution to any 3rd party ad server or direct solution via the CheckM8 AdVantage ad management platform. Publishers can ultimately create custom-designed formats with a freestyle click-and-point interface to turn any standard creative, including regular image ads and sizes, into any type of rich media advertising format.

“We are excited to offer the latest and greatest rich media capabilities to the world’s biggest and most respected brands with our self-service rich media management platform,” says Dana Ghavami, Chief Executive Officer of CheckM8 Inc. “Brand publishers are increasingly taking control of their online advertising revenue potential and realizing the best ad performance and rate card value are derived from rich media.”

CheckM8 counts big media brands as customers of its cutting-edge rich media platform, including Business Week, Time Inc., Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive. “Rich media is the best answer for leading brand publishers to maximize ad revenue and increase inventory as well as counter declining click rates in the industry,” says Mr. Ghavami. “eMarketer estimates rich media and video ad spending will exceed $6 billion to surpass display ads by 2011.”

CheckM8 Inc. ( is the largest independent ad technology provider for online publishers. It provides vital and innovative advertising infrastructure in the digital media economy. CheckM8 technologies enable content providers to maximize ad revenue and operational efficiency with cutting-edge ad serving, inventory management, and rich media technologies in a unified digital ad management platform. CheckM8 empowers over 100 leading publishers worldwide, including Business Week, Nielsen, Orange, Time Inc., Washington Post/Newsweek Interactive. The company is based in New York, with partner offices in Madrid, Stockholm, Tokyo and R&D facilities in Tel Aviv.