Mindset Media Establishes Membership in the Network Advertising Initiative

NEW YORK, March 5, 2008 – Mindset Media (www.mindset-media.com), an online ad network that enables brand advertisers to reach millions of people with the personality traits that fit their brands, announced today that it has joined the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), a cooperative of online marketing and advertising networks committed to addressing important privacy and consumer protection issues in emerging media.

As a Full Compliance Member of the NAI, Mindset Media adheres to the NAI’s self-regulatory rules for network advertisers and gives consumers the ability to opt out of its targeted ad network through the NAI’s Consumer Opt-out Program.

“Every responsible member of our industry works to enhance consumers’ online experience, not comprise their privacy or erode their trust. That’s why we create privacy policies in English, give people easy ways to opt out of targeted advertising, spread awareness of cookie technology – and join the NAI. Mindset Media looks forward to working with the NAI to develop and enforce responsible, consumer-focused industry standards,” said Jim Meyer, CEO and Co-founder of Mindset Media.

In addition to offering consumers the ability to opt out through the NAI, Mindset Media will continue to host its own opt-out tool on its corporate website. Mindset Media does not use any personally identifiable information to deliver targeted advertisements.
Mindset Media Establishes Membership with the NAI/2

About Mindset Media
Mindset Media is the internet ad network for brands. Using its proprietary psychographic standard, Mindset Media lets brand advertisers target millions of people with the personality traits that fit their brands in simple online media buys. The Company works in partnership with Nielsen Online to develop consumer profiles that help brand marketers specify their psychographic targets. For more information, visit www.mindset-media.com.

About the NAI
The NAI (Network Advertising Initiative) is a cooperative of online marketing companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards. As increasingly sophisticated online advertising technologies evolve, consumer concerns about their impact on online privacy mount. The NAI is prepared to meet these concerns with both effective industry self-regulation and sensible protections for online consumers. To learn more about the NAI and its partners, visit www.networkadvertising.org.