MarketTools Announces Expansion and Full Launch of, the First and Only Fully Integrated, Centralized Market Research Hub

Breakthrough Platform Expanded to Make Online Market Research Easier, Faster, More Cost Effective and Insightful

SAN FRANCISCO – MarketTools, Inc. announced the full launch and expansion of, the first and only fully integrated, centralized research platform that brings together a comprehensive set of research applications and fraud-free data collection, combined with research expertise and flexible services. The platform is the only market research hub that brings all of these capabilities together in one centralized location available anywhere, at any time.

Although new technologies have helped make research easier, these advances have also caused new complications. Incompatible survey tools and data sources often deployed in piecemeal fashion create isolated islands of research and increase the number of one-off or repeated projects. What’s more, online panels have given rise to “professional respondents”—people who join multiple panels to earn survey rewards—and other forms of gaming the system that cast doubt on the reliability of survey results. These problems combine with today’s challenging economic climate, in which researchers must complete more projects, faster, with smaller margins of error and reduced budgets. The result is often a loss of control over the research process and less confidence in the results of market research.

First available in October 2008, the complete and enhanced now includes Panel Manager, a solution to help marketers and researchers manage their own panels of targeted groups of people willing to provide input and advice. With the addition of Panel Manager, delivers a full suite of tools, applications and capabilities that significantly reduce the barriers and improve the quality of online research to help make marketers and market research professionals more productive in delivering innovative, insightful and impactful research.

“It’s a tough time to be a researcher,” said Mike Waite, VP, panels and communities at MarketTools. “Today, market research professionals are being asked to do more with less while the market dynamics they are trying to understand are becoming more complex. The best research organizations are learning to work more effectively and collaboratively by assuming more control of the research process. empowers our customers to easily control and seamlessly manage every aspect of the research lifecycle in a way never before possible.”

In the online era, the key to more intelligent market research is continuous learning made possible by the integration of resources and a centralized hub for accessing the full range of research applications, collaboration tools, and respondent validation technologies. now includes:

    * Panel Manager––MarketTools has applied its experience creating easy-to-use, powerful applications to simplify the complex tasks of managing a panel. With the new Panel Manager, both professional market researchers and those wanting to manage lists, such as marketing professionals, are able to easily and directly manage groups of consumers who have opted in to provide feedback.

    * Research Manager––MarketTools has expanded its powerful productivity center to include content management capabilities for uploading and managing all research project assets through a secure, centralized research portal. enables researchers to extract more value from research and uncover new insights by tying together fragmented research using MarketTools’ innovative knowledge repository. This is an easily accessible record of all the projects and research that an organization has completed.

    * Survey Manager––Survey Manager (formerly zTelligence) provides all the benefits of a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use survey platform and now includes a powerful survey creation function that gives users the unique ability to import a text-based survey (in Microsoft Word or plain text format) via a one-step wizard. This enables users to quickly create an interactive survey and save hours of survey programming time and expense.

    * TrueSample Manager–– gives researchers access to TrueSample, the industry’s first quality-assured sample technology. TrueSample is based on a three-part process aimed at ensuring that survey respondents are Real, Unique, and Engaged™. It brings to the world of market research the same automated, real-time, large-scale validation technologies that prevent other types of online fraud.

The advantages of the platform extend well beyond the obvious efficiency and productivity benefits. With, researchers and research teams gain coordinated control over a wide range of research activities to accelerate results. The tools don’t just work, they work well together to eliminate re-work, minimize one-offs and ensure better management of projects, in less time. In addition, gives organizations access to a full range of services—from self-service survey tools to full-service research programs—or a blend of services to meet any need and any budget and keeps options open as research progresses.

Pricing and Availability is a modular solution that enables companies to purchase and access only the applications they need. Organizations can also tap into MarketTools’ full-service research expertise on a project basis for assistance with research design, service bureau programming and advanced analytics. The platform, along with Panel Manager, Research Manager, Survey Manager, Real-time Reporting, and TrueSample Manager, are now generally available.

About MarketTools

MarketTools is the leading technology and service provider of Customer Insight Management solutions for the world’s market leaders. Through a unique combination of best-in-class insight and feedback platforms, quality-assured global panels and research innovation, MarketTools enables companies to better identify new opportunities, fuel greater product success and build customer advocacy. As the first company to make online surveys widely available on the web, MarketTools continues its market-leading position by providing the broadest range of powerful, accurate and integrated customer insight technologies that empower companies to become the most customer-centric organizations in their industries. MarketTools’ premier portfolio of technology-based insight brands includes,™ Zoomerang,™ CustomerSat,™ TrueSample,™ and ZoomPanel.™

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