Revision3 Partners with VideoClix to Enhance Viewer Engagement

San Francisco, CA (TK) — Revision3, the leader in exclusive Internet television, has partnered with VideoClix, a pioneer in clickable Web video, to expand usability and interactivity for its viewers. The partnership will enable the Revision3 audience to click on different objects within a video–including show hosts and products–for more information and interesting facts. Web phenomenon “Diggnation” will be the first Revision3 show to debut interactive episodes with this technology, beginning with this week’s show, available tonight, April 11 at 18:00 hours (CEST) at New clickable content will arrive each week from Revision3 including “Internet Superstar”, “Tekzilla” and “The Totally Rad Show”.

“I’ve always been a curious TV viewer, wanting more information immediately,” said Jim Louderback, Revision3 CEO. “VideoClix allows Revision3 viewers to satiate their curiosity instantly and enhance their engagement with the product at hand. This technology is a boon to viewers, to our producers and to the advertisers of Revision3.”

“We are really excited to bring Revision3 on as one of our anchor content partners for the beta launch of,” said Babak Maghfourian, VideoClix founder and CEO. “Their diehard viewers, with their voracious appetite for information and entertainment, will thoroughly enjoy the VideoClix experience.”
About Revision3

Revision3 is the first media company that gets it, born from the Internet, on-demand generation. Unlike aggregators, mash-ups, and user-generated video sites, Revision3 is an actual TV network for the Web, creating and producing its own original, broadcast-quality shows.

About “Diggnation”
“Diggnation” is an irreverent news review show hosted by tech geeks/pop culture gurus Alex Albrecht and Kevin Rose. First launched in 2004 and based on the top news stories from, Diggnation has more than 140 episodes available online and garners over 200,000 viewers per episode. The show, which debuts Friday night at 7:00pmEST, consistently ranks among the top Internet videos available from the Apple iTunes Store. For more information, visit

About VideoClix
VideoClix has pioneered the clickable video space since 1998. All objects in VideoClix content are clickable, providing a next generation interactive video delivery platform with a robust monetization solution for content providers, and an effective non-intrusive media vehicle for advertisers.

The company caters to top producers and advertisers with its end-to-end hypervideo solution that includes: authoring, content delivery network, HD quality player, metrics, syndication, social media and standard IAB display ads. VideoClix helps monetize content through the VideoClix Ad Delivery Network while enabling content providers to bring their own advertisers, sponsors and brand integration deals to the table.

VideoClix ensures a positive viewing experience, creating a far greater impact than traditional online advertising.

For more information about VideoClix visit