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TRAFFIQ Announces New Version of Its Online Ad Exchange


SAN FRANCISCO, April 15, 2008 – TRAFFIQ™ – The Internet Traffic Exchange today announced it will shortly release the latest version of its Web-based trading platform for buyers and sellers of online media.

This release – being previewed April 15 and 16 at ad:tech San Francisco – adds a new tool for buying and selling ads, TRAFFIQ Source. Available only on TRAFFIQ and nowhere else, TRAFFIQ Source enables buyers and sellers to work together to quickly and easily “carve out” precision buys from available inventory, as follows:

— Sellers can list all or part of their inventory, without constraint.
— Buyers who find inventory they like can send a private request to the seller, indicating interest in a particular portion of that inventory.
— Buyer and seller then negotiate terms for the inventory and conclude the sale.

From a buyer perspective, the immediate benefits are the ability to conduct complete searches of listed inventory, delving deep into sites, ad locations and ad units; the opportunity to proactively contact publishers; and the ability to carve out exactly the inventory they need, with 100 percent customization and flexibility—a surprisingly simple option, unavailable on any other platform.

Sellers meanwhile benefit from being able to list as much or as little inventory as they wish, without limitations or barriers. This ability to be more flexible and responsive to buyers’ needs will likely translate to increased sell-through.

Additionally, TRAFFIQ’s smart tag technology streamlines the process of ad trafficking by allowing publishers to manage multiple orders using a single ad tag. TRAFFIQ’s smart tag also provides sellers with an automatic failover solution, which allows publishers to sell their inventory at its highest market price and then seamlessly go to their next preferred monetization option.

“TRAFFIQ Source is expected to further boost the platform’s strong appeal to mid-tail publishers with original content and loyal users,” said TRAFFIQ CEO Mark Kahn, “in large measure because it will be easier than ever for mid-sized advertisers in search of such specialty publishers to find them and make precise buys.” Advertisers should see a better return on ad spend, better conversion rates, and brand enhancement by association with the publisher’s brand.

“We’re already working with the 100 largest U.S. and U.K. ad agencies, and the leading brand publishers,” Kahn noted. “This new tool further strengthens our appeal to the largest part of the market, made of medium-sized publishers and advertisers.”

Then there are the benefits already built into the existing platform. For buyers, these include brand protection, transparent transactions, maximizing ROI, no exchange fees, and full integration with media management tools; for sellers, these include the ability to secure fair market value, predictable revenue, and extended reach to large numbers of advertisers and active buyers.

Since TRAFFIQ Source will be made available alongside the platform’s existing tools for auctions and automated Requests for Listings, buyers and sellers will now have three distinct tools to choose from, allowing for an unprecedented degree of flexibility and control.

TRAFFIQ Source is scheduled for release on April 23.

TRAFFIQ (www.traffiq.com) is an efficient, open and value-driven marketplace, directly connecting buyers and sellers of online media for optimized ad yield and maximum return on investment. Participants on TRAFFIQ include leading publishers, advertisers and ad agencies. TRAFFIQ is also a member of the IAB Marketplace advisory board, helping educate interactive advertisers and publishers on the best practices that foster industry growth. Other board members include CondéNet, Colgate Palmolive, Carat and Forrester Research. TRAFFIQ is headquartered in New York City, with offices in McLean, VA. For more information, contact us at [email protected].