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LookSmart Expands Pay-Per-Click Network to the UK and Australia


SAN FRANCISCO, Apr 16, 2008 – LookSmart, Ltd. (NASDAQ:LOOK), an online advertising and technology solutions company, today announced the expansion of its performance advertising network into Australia and the United Kingdom, continuing the company’s growth in the pay-per-click advertising business.

“LookSmart’s AdCenter platform allows us to create custom distribution channels for our customers, and our expanding global network provides the scale that our customers need,” said Jonathan Ewert, General Manager of LookSmart’s Advertising Networks. “Our expansion beyond North America allows us to provide even more value to our advertisers and network partners.”

LookSmart offers advertisers the ability to reach Internet users in the United States and Canada as well as Australia and the United Kingdom through the enhanced geo-targeting features built into its AdCenter technology platform.

Advertisers can manage their own campaigns through LookSmart’s easy-to-use, intuitive self-service ad serving interface or work directly with hands-on campaign managers skilled at optimizing campaign performance and maximizing ROI. Geo-targeting features have also been added to LookSmart’s widely-adopted open API, enabling bid management companies and advertising agencies to connect with more buyers in a highly targeted way.

The same technology and tools that create custom distribution channels on LookSmart’s advertising network are available to publishers who license the white label AdCenter platform. “Publishers make significant investments in building qualified audiences that are attractive to advertisers. LookSmart helps publishers segment their audiences to attract advertising campaigns that are highly relevant and will accelerate revenue,” Ewert added.

Working with LookSmart and other leading search providers, Excite Corporation connects advertisers to over 20 million monthly searches in the Australian and New Zealand market.

“Excite is thrilled with the success of our network’s expansion into the US and UK markets with LookSmart and we welcome their presence in Australia.” said Evan Balafas, Managing Director of Excite Corporation. “Revenue has been driven by the exceptional account management and customer service and we look forward to being one of their largest partners in the coming weeks.”

About LookSmart

LookSmart provides premium and performance advertising solutions for advertisers and publishers. LookSmart offers advertisers targeted pay-per-click (PPC) search advertising, contextual search advertising, and display banner advertising via its Advertiser Networks; and licenses its white label AdCenter technology to top publishers, search engines, media companies, social networking sites, retail sites, directories, ISPs and portals to manage advertiser relationships and third-party feeds within an auction platform. LookSmart is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.looksmart.com or call 415-348-7500.


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