Microsoft’s Atlas Publisher Suite Adds Nine New Clients

A recent Microsoft press release announces 9 high-profile publishers to start using the Atlas Publisher Suite for their ad serving operations. They are Antevenio, El Confidencial, Gaming Portals, LevelField,, Publiseis, ThinkDigital, We7 and Web Financial Group.

“We are extremely pleased with how quickly the market has embraced Atlas as part of Microsoft and the value provided by the Atlas Publisher Suite,” said Richard Dunmall, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Microsoft Advertiser and Publisher Solutions. “Publishers are voting with their finances in mind. They are choosing Atlas because it can create quantifiable value, more control and increasingly effective ways for them to monetize their ad inventory.”

According to the published statements from these clients, the real-time element, flexible targeting and good value seems to have been the determining factors in choosing or switching over to Atlas.

You can read the press release here.