Google Launches AdPlanner, Promotes the DoubleClick MediaVisor Platform

As promised in my previous post announcing the launch of AdPlanner, here are more updates following the official announcement on the Google AdWords blog.

The tool is supposed to address the challenges in scaling a campaign’s reach while still keeping it relevant for the target audience. To quote the original announcement: To work with the Google Ad Planner, “simply enter demographics and sites associated with your target audience, and the tool will return information about sites (including the ones in the Google content network and monetized through the AdSense program) that your audience is likely to visit. You can drill down further to get more detail like demographics and related searches for a particular site, or you can get aggregate statistics for the sites you’ve added to your media plan.”

What’s most interesting is that this launch seems to be well-timed to the launch of Google Trends for Websites last week, even though they claim the AdPlanner is build around the needs of media planners.

The Google Ad Planner can create media plans that can be exported to a .csv file and the original blog post is clearly mentioning integration with DoubleClick’s MediaVisor – it seems Google and DoubleClick are slowly proceeding towards integration of their platforms, even if taking only tiny steps.