The Rubicon Project Partners with AdJug to Deliver Efficiency to the International Online Advertising Market

LOS ANGELES – July 1, 2008 – the Rubicon Project ( advertising technology company focused on Ad Network Optimization and AdJug Ltd (, the online advertising marketplace where advertisers and publishers can buy and sell ads directly, announces an international partnership to help publishers and advertisers achieve optimal monetization on ad inventory across multiple geographies.

Partnering with AdJug helps the Rubicon Project answer the increasing global demands to improve ad performance and placement. As part of the agreement, AdJug is able to monetize the UK inventory of hundreds of the Rubicon Project’s Certified U.S. publishers, offering high fill rates on ad impressions. This easy and efficient solution for advertisers and high profile publishers also allows AdJug to build deeper channels and provide enhanced performance for advertisers.

The Rubicon Project recently launched its Certified Ad Space program , that gives ad networks, and their advertisers, quality and safety assurance for content, placement, targeting and reporting. the Rubicon Project’s smart-matching technology deciphers ad inventory from thousands of sites, breaking it into micro-segments based on geographic, demographic and contextual information. the Rubicon Project’s Ad Network Optimization solution then matches certified inventory to the strengths of a specific ad network, bringing that ad network top-performing, “smarter” ad impressions.

“Partnering with AdJug in the international advertising market allows us to engage quality advertisers from the UK, while increasing revenue for our publishers,” said Frank Addante, CEO and founder of the Rubicon Project. “International monetization is a rapidly growing opportunity and, therefore, a key focus for us. Working with AdJug offers us a scalable solution to bring more sites with international traffic online, adding to our growing customer base of 1,000+ websites.” “Our partnership with the Rubicon Project marks a giant leap forward for AdJug by offering immediate access to a new breadth of quality ad inventory,” said Michael Stephanblome, CEO and founder of AdJug. “This instantly helps us to bring additional liquidity into our marketplace and creates new and exciting inventory opportunities for our advertisers.

About AdJug
AdJug is an online advertising marketplace where advertisers and publishers buy and sell ads directly. It eliminates the need to use an advertising network, giving advertisers and publishers greater choice, transparency & control on how ads are bought and sold. AdJug’s mission is to become Europe’s leading online advertising marketplace. The company is headquartered in London.

About the Rubicon Project
The Rubicon Project is an advertising technology company run by a group of industry-experienced, aggressive and passionate renegades on a mission to automate the large, yet highly inefficient Internet advertising industry. While online advertising is expected to reach $27 billion in 2008, up to 80% of a websites’ ad space goes unsold (directly). Unsold ad space is sent to ad networks. Today, advertisers spread money across 300+ ad networks causing fragmentation and complexity for websites trying to monetize their unsold ad space. In 2007, the Rubicon Project pioneered the Ad Network Optimization category with the launch of its first product.

The Rubicon Project’s Ad Network Optimizer uses smart matching technology to match each ad impression to the optimal money-making opportunities. Within the first 6 months of launch, the company optimized more than 25 billion ads for more than 1,000 websites and 150 of the top ad networks while reaching more than 150 million unique Internet users.Other innovations include a free-hosted Ad Network Ad Server for websites and a Certified Ad Space program to ensure safety, accuracy and trust for ad networks (and their advertisers) when placing ads on websites. The founders of the Rubicon Project created one of the first, and most successful, ad servers in 1998 (L90/adMonitor) that was later acquired by DoubleClick. Websites looking to make more money while doing less work should visit: