WebSpectator Verified as Fifth Largest U.S. Ad Network, Global Network Reach Extends to 430 Million Unique Visitors Per Month

Company Delivers More Than 43 Percent Inventory Lift to Publishers, 247 Million Minutes of Effective Brand Exposure in the Last 12 Months

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — WebSpectator (www.webspectator.com), the first holistic digital ad solution that combines real-time analytics and ad serving, today announced dramatic growth across its publisher network and results delivered to existing customers in Q3 2014.

The company’s proprietary metric helps publishers monetize their properties, delivering an average 45 percent ad inventory lift across a variety of verticals including entertainment, gaming, news and technology. WebSpectator’s publisher network now reaches more than 430 million unique visitors per month globally and in the past 12 months has become one of the top 5 U.S. ad networks according to Quantcast, delivering more than 247 million minutes of verified exposure for brands and publishers.

“WebSpectator’s growth numbers place us at the upper echelon of connecting ads with actual viewers,” said Andre Parreira, CEO at WebSpectator. “Publishers have flocked to us because we deliver an effective way to increase revenue using their existing inventory. Our proprietary GTS metric is a plug-and-play digital advertising currency that measures real-time attention, engagement and time spent viewing ads, videos or any media component. Ease of use, coupled with the only MRC accreditation for delivering guaranteed viewable impressions gives us a competitive advantage that no other network can claim.”

During Q3 2014, Guaranteed Time Slot (GTS) optimized properties registered ad inventory lifts that dramatically boosted revenue. Game-themed publishers reported the largest growth (360%) followed by news (279%), entertainment (176%), gossip (144%) and technology (124%) outlets.

“WebSpectator’s growth numbers highlight just how unique we are in the marketplace,” continued Parreira. “Being the originator of the first time and attention-based metric for advertising firmly places WebSpectator ahead of all other vendors that have recently entered the market. Viewability is an important theme this year, and quickly becoming a necessity for publishers going forward. Publishers and brands trust WebSpectator because we’re currently serving more than 247 million minutes of effective ad exposure every month. Translating ‘time’ into impressions equates to increased revenue and more effective performance metrics. Every second a visitor spends engaged on a publisher’s site can be monetized, which is something unique to our technology.”

WebSpectator’s global footprint witnessed tremendous gains in 2014 as well, which now reaches 131 million unique visitors in the U.S., 175 million in Brazil, and many more. In the U.S., where the company was launched just over twelve months ago, WebSpectator is already the 5th largest ad network.

In addition, nearly 48 percent of all U.S. visits came from mobile; an area native to WebSpectator and one where the company is seeing increased activity over the past year.

“WebSpectator goes beyond limited and shallow engagement analytics that are often overused,” continued Parreira. “Publishers don’t want to spend hours looking at dashboards and spreadsheets to understand what’s working. They want ways to better monetize their existing assets, in real time. We’ve been helping publishers do so, ever since we pioneered the ad viewability space.”

WebSpectator’s GTS is a time and attention advertising metric that measures the effective time display ads are in view. Publishers can use the metric to max out their inventory by serving more than one ad while the viewer is looking at a page, while advertisers can pay for what they are actually getting based on the time users are spending with their ads.

WebSpectator’s network increases inventory and revenue from a new premium and verified ad product, offering monetization of an untapped asset that publishers already own: time.

About WebSpectator
WebSpectator is the world’s only digital advertising exchange network that measures, in real-time, the effective attention, engagement and time spent viewing ads, videos or any media component. The company’s MRC accredited industry metric, Guarantee to See (GTS), is available through the company’s free analytics tool that lets publishers optimize revenues and advertisers achieve better engagement and ROI with new metrics, analytics and business insights for ad exposure time, facetime and viewability. WebSpectator technology was named a “Cool Vendor” for Media in Gartner’s Cool Vendors 2012 report.

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