Turn Market Breaks into comScore’s Top 15 Ad Networks and Exceeds 1 Billion Monthly Ad Impressions

Key Advertiser Partnerships Fuel 20% Month-over-Month Growth

Redwood City, Calif.,—July 15, 2008—Turn Inc., the Smart Market for Online Advertising, today announced a record 20 percent month-over-month jump in unique user reach and dramatic growth in ad impressions over the last 6 months. These increases enabled Turn to enter comScore’s Top 20 Ad Network list in the number 15 position, while also becoming one of the top tier vendors delivering over one billion impressions per month.

Since the market’s official launch in March, Turn has seen its unique monthly user’s increase over 88 percent from 46 million to 87 million, outpacing all of the other ad networks appearing in comScore’s Top 20. Monthly ad impressions also jumped over 170 percent from 534 million to 1.46 billion during the same period. Turn’s growth has been fueled by publisher demand for a marketplace comprised of quality advertisers, and media buyer demand for Turn’s unique platform that automatically combines contextual, audience, and behavioral targeting methods with goal-based, auction pricing.

Allen Stern, Media Director at Agency.com, validates Turn’s growth, “Turn is proving to be a valuable partner for us. Since we started using Turn for our large technology client, their team has anticipated our needs and has been exceptionally responsive to our service requests. Even as Turn continues to scale, campaign performance and service have been rock solid. It’s no surprise that Turn is doing well. I’m certain we’ll be expanding our business with them.”

“We have a valuable and solid partnership with Turn for one of our large Telecom clients, and Turn consistently hit our client’s goals,” comments Arah Falk, Associate Director of Strategic Communications at media agency Optimedia US. “It’s great to see truly effective optimization tools at work, and to build a successful relationship with a very scalable platform.”

To accommodate growing demand, Turn has expanded their internal resources with the hiring of a Regional VP of Sales and a Sales Executive. Turn is also actively growing their team in all other areas of the organization as well.

“We have gained tremendous momentum,” said Jim Barnett, CEO at Turn. “We officially launched in March of this year and have executed on several key strategic initiatives that further increase the performance of our automatic targeting technology. Because of this advertisers are shifting significant portions of their budget to Turn, improving eCPM rates for publishers and positioning us for continued rapid growth.”

About Turn Inc.
Turn created the world’s first Smart Market for online advertising. Employing revolutionary machine learning technology, the Turn Smart Market combines automatic targeting and goal-driven pricing to optimize ROI for 500 premium advertisers and maximize revenue for more than 3,000 high-quality publisher websites. Turn is located in Redwood City, California. For more information, visit http://www.turn.com.