Clever On Demand Acquires AudienceFUEL

Troy McConnell, successful entrepreneur, founder of Batanga and others, is new CEO

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Clever On Demand, whose Networker software enables publishers to manage multiple advertising networks with ease, announced today that it has acquired AudienceFUEL, the first and only publisher-to-publisher marketing platform, and has received additional investment from Active International. Clever On Demand Founder and CEO Troy McConnell will become the CEO of AudienceFUEL, while current AudienceFUEL CEO Al Silverstein will continue to lead business development as the company’s President and Chief Revenue Officer.

Until the acquisition, Clever On Demand had been providing the technology services to AudienceFUEL from their headquarters in Greensboro, N.C. The combined services of each company will live under the AudienceFUEL name.

McConnell, a highly successful entrepreneur, has more than 23 years of experience in online advertising and information technology. He co-founded Batanga in 1999, a leading media business focused on the U.S. Hispanic and Latin American market. Before founding Batanga, he co-founded Image Technology Inc. in 1988.

“The two companies complement each other nicely,” said McConnell. “Both launched to help publishers make the most of their non-direct-sold ad inventory, which can account for more than 50% of total ad inventory — even for major publishers. Whether a publisher wants to monetize every last bit of its unsold inventory each day, or get greater marketing value from house inventory through improved optimization and trade, AudienceFUEL ensures that our publishing partners will have the most powerful arsenal available working for them at all times.”

AudienceFUEL has been working for some time with Ideas People Media, a business unit of the Economist Group, and with National Geographic, among many others.

This story first appeared in TechCrunch.

About AudienceFUEL

AudienceFUEL has the first and only publisher-to-publisher marketing platform. AudienceFUEL gives premium digital publishers new tools to grow audiences and revenue, using their house, low-valued or unsold ad inventory, with little to no additional costs.

AudienceFUEL is headquartered in Greensboro, NC, with sales and business development teams based in New York City and Los Angeles.

Our groundbreaking tools help premium digital publishers grow revenue and audiences. We don’t work with traditional brand advertisers and we are not an ad network or exchange. Our solutions are completely publisher-centric, allowing us to create value with only their interest in mind.

The AudienceFUEL team has a first-hand understanding of what digital publishers want and need to be successful in this ever-evolving media landscape. Our publishers are changing the way they interact with each other and their advertisers – by creating new revenue streams and new audiences.