Revenue Science Launches New Back to School Segments to Target Shopping Needs for the Fall Semester

During Uncertain Economic Times, Marketers Take Smart Steps to Boost Retail Revenue

New York—July 29, 2008— Revenue Science, the leading provider of targeted advertising solutions for digital media, today announced the launch of three new behavioral segments designed to target shoppers for back to school necessities in the months leading up to the start of the fall semester. These segments, “Fall Clothing Shoppers,” “Back to School Clothing and Supply Shoppers” and “Back to School Computer and Gadget Shoppers,” help advertisers take advantage of the late summer/early fall necessity shopping period and find the exact consumers in the market for their particular product or service.

Each segment is derived from Revenue Science’s highly advanced targeting technology, which utilizes Boolean logic to create unique audience segments and find those consumers who are not only interested in a product, but are ready to buy. Fall clothing shoppers are those people who are researching and shopping for cool weather clothing and fall fashions. Back to school clothing and supply shoppers are students and their parents looking for age-appropriate clothing and school supplies from backpacks to graphing calculators. Technology has become a prominent part of the curriculum, so Revenue Science also created the back to school computer and gadget shoppers segment to find students and parents shopping for electronics and computers for the classroom.

“As a leading agency in our use of behavioral targeting, we are always looking for advanced opportunities to help our clients drive incremental revenue, particularly in key seasonal times such as Back to School. It becomes even more important to be laser sharp in our strategic efforts to effectively allocate precious media dollars during this time of economic strain,” said Robin Neifield, CEO, NetPlus Marketing. “Increased options and focused segmentation that addresses key shopping behavior enhances what we can potentially offer to our clients. Obviously we want to invest where we are most likely to see the most productive returns.”

As gas prices rise and mall traffic slows due to the current economic challenges, marketers are just as concerned with getting the most for their dollar as anyone else. The ability to focus marketing efforts and budget on customers who will be actually generating revenue for them is the key benefit to implementing these segments.

“There’s a massive increase in online shopping during the back to school period. Advertising during this time is crucial as the market is relatively narrow and quite competitive. People are generally shopping less and looking for the best deals,” said Monty Hudson, VP of Sales and Media. “Behavioral targeting has the power to take full advantage of this brief timeframe and our specific segments help advertisers deliver messages to their ideal customers, those with intent to purchase.”

These custom back to school audiences are offered in addition to more than 90 targeted segments in various channels, including Business Travelers, Video Gamers, Stock Traders, Diet & Fitness Enthusiasts, Pet Lovers, Corporate Technologists, Gadget Lovers, Luxury Auto Buyers and many more. Combining these carefully crafted segments with Revenue Science’s powerful Boolean logic capabilities enable any marketer to access targeted audiences at scale.

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