USA TODAY NETWORK Scales Branded Content for Local Advertisers with Polar

USA TODAY NETWORK is one of the largest groups of trusted publisher websites with and 109 local news websites owned by Gannett, reaching over 100 million people in the US market.

GET Creative is their branded content division and they have been a Polar partner since 2016. In the past year, GET Creative has successfully operationalized and scaled branded content for local advertisers using Polar.

Polar provides a Format Management Platform (FMP) to trusted publishers around the world, who use it to create, execute and optimize a variety of digital advertising products. GET Creative uses Polar’s Format Management Platform to run native and display promotions for branded content across the USA TODAY NETWORK of trusted publisher sites. GET Creative is able to effortlessly create and optimize promotions in Polar and serve them using Google Ad Manager, across mobile and desktop web, iOS and Android mobile apps, AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Apple News inventory.

“Branded content has historically been seen as a show horse solution, high touch, high priced and available exclusively for large brands. Over the past year, we have executed a strategy to offer a work horse branded content solution for local advertisers, which is efficient, scalable and effective”, shared Kelly Andresen, SVP Client Solutions and Head of GET Creative at USA TODAY NETWORK. “Polar’s tech and team have been a key part of our success in scaling branded content for local. We could not have done it without them.”

In the past year, GET Creative has served over 3.5 billion branded content promotions using Polar’s Format Management Platform for over 500 advertisers. Clients in retail, travel, automotive, health care, education and more categories have all adopted local branded content with GET Creative and seen strong engagement and attention results.

“With the impressive scale of the USA TODAY NETWORK and affordable branded content packages for smaller advertisers, it’s the best of both worlds for local clients”, shared Lori Rosen, COO and General Manager, Polar. “We work with over 100 trusted publishers globally and GET Creative has done the best job of scaling branded content for local that we’ve seen”.

As local advertisers continue to invest more in digital marketing, solutions like branded content offer a unique opportunity to increase consideration, preference and intent. There are few digital marketing solutions as effective as branded content at supporting the mid funnel marketing objectives for local advertisers.

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