Collective Media Launches the Collective Video Network, Focuses on In-Stream Advertising

Finally, somebody shows initiative in regard to in-stream advertising, and gets the ball rolling towards some degree of organization. Setting best practices and industry standards is still somewhere far, far, away – even though the IAB did kickstart the process when they formulated the in-stream ad metrics definitions.

New York, NY – July 29, 2008 – As growing numbers of advertisers look to video as a powerful channel for connecting with consumers online, leading online advertising network and technology provider, Collective Media, today unveiled the Collective Video Network.

The new video network – which builds on the company’s experience in delivering and managing targeted video campaigns – is supported by Collective Media’s proprietary AMP™ platform. It allows advertisers to leverage high-quality video content from the premium publishers that comprise the Collective Network, offering a suite of in-stream ad units, including pre-roll and overlay video formats.

According to data from eMarketer, U.S. spending on Internet video advertising is expected to grow to $4.3 billion by 2011 – and is currently the fastest growing segment of online display advertising. Yet advertisers are often frustrated by the manual processes that still surround many in-stream video network offerings. Collective Media has designed the Collective Video Network as a centralized and automated solution with ‘an encode once and play everywhere’ capability.

Collective Video also provides advertisers with the same audience targeting, optimizing and reporting technology normally reserved for in-page ad units only. Advertisers can take advantage of Collective’s contextual and behavioral targeting platform when running an in-stream video campaign.

“Launching the Collective Video Network is a natural extension of our premium advertising network and the best-in-class technology we’ve developed in the AMP platform,” said Joe Apprendi, CEO of Collective Media. “Our work with brand advertisers in leveraging video inventory has given us a direct understanding of the pain points that still plague this area. The ease of use we’ve built into our video network, relative to implementing, targeting and optimizing a campaign, offers a scalable value proposition to the market.”

Apprendi added that the growing demand among advertisers to connect with relevant, high-quality video content matches the need of top-tier publishers to make smart and appropriate use of their online video assets. “Building on the strength of our publisher network and the inventory we provide, Collective will bring the expertise, quality and service for which we are known seamlessly to the video landscape,” he said.

The Collective Video Network is designed to provide a centralized and automated single-platform solution that is also highly-scalable. Advertisers that run video-based campaigns through the network will benefit from Collective’s comprehensive reporting which provides standardized video view and interaction metrics via the AMP platform.

The Collective Video Network is the latest offering in a growing suite of Collective Media products and services – which also includes the AMP platform as well as Personifi, its audience targeting system.

About Collective Media
Collective Media is a leading online advertising network and technology company. The Collective Network links high quality, brand-name publishers with Fortune 1000 advertisers. Collective Media’s AMP™ offers high end publishers an ad network management platform to create their own branded, vertical ad networks. Collective’s innovative approach enables both brand and direct advertisers to achieve superior results through sophisticated audience targeting technology, including contextual, behavioral, geographic and re-targeting. Founded in 2005, Collective Media is headquartered in New York City with offices in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Visit Collective Media at