EyeWonder’s New AdWonder 9.3 Flash Component Adds Next Generation Functionality for the Creation and Production of In-Stream Ads

Latest Version of Company’s Ad Authoring Tool Streamlines Creation of Today’s Cross-Platform Interactive Digital Advertising Campaigns

August 6, 2008 – ATLANTA — EyeWonder, Inc., a leading innovator in Interactive Digital Advertising technologies and services, today announced the launch of its AdWonder 9.3 Flash Component, the latest version of its video and rich media advertising authoring tool. AdWonder was originally introduced in November 2006 and revolutionized the creative and production process for agencies building and deploying in-page online rich media and video ad campaigns. This new 9.3 upgrade also includes authoring capabilities for EyeWonder’s next generation of interactive in-stream ad campaigns, enabling agencies and advertisers to centralize their production of the most compelling and effective in-page and in-stream rich media and video ad campaigns through one platform.

“Our AdWonder 9.3 Component marks another huge leap forward for agencies and advertisers looking to utilize industry-leading interactive features, video, and audio into the in-stream ad environment,” said Ricky McClellen, CIO of EyeWonder. “With AdWonder 9.3, advertisers can now not only repurpose their traditional TV spot into a pre-roll ad campaign, but they can now create interactive, engaging in-stream ad experiences that engage and encourage audiences to interact and spend more time with the advertiser’s brand – all with one easy-to-use authoring tool.”

AdWonder 9.3 gives agency creative personnel the power to design, build, preview, test and approve any EyeWonder in-page or in-stream ad unit without ever leaving the Adobe® Flash® Professional CS3 authoring environment – drastically reducing the time needed to deliver traffic-ready video and rich media ads, while also dramatically improving the level of creativity. Flash Professional is currently the preferred authoring tool of the world’s agencies and advertisers, and the Adobe Flash Player runtime reaches more than 98 percent of today’s Internet–connected PCs and more than 500 million mobile devices and handsets worldwide.

“Enhancing customer options with more video and interactivity is a primary focus for Adobe. EyeWonder’s newest AdWonder Component furthers this mission for agencies building interactive ads using Adobe Flash CS3 Professional,” said Jennifer Taylor, director of product management, Flash creation and distribution at Adobe. “By providing the advertising community a platform for creating today’s most interactive in-page and in-stream ad campaigns, EyeWonder shares our goal of making it easy to rapidly develop and easily deliver the richest interactive content to the widest possible audience.”

AdWonder now makes it easy for agencies to repurpose creative and media assets and functionality directly from in-page ads rich media into in-stream ads. EyeWonder interactive features like Send to a Friend, Tabbed Panels, Multiple Videos, Mobile Reminders, Downloads and more can now be integrated directly into in-stream ads, encouraging users to explore them further, resulting in measurably higher interaction rates and time spent than current in-stream options.

With this 9.3 release, creative directors, media planners, agencies and publishers will now benefit from:
• Full interactive in-stream rich media and video ad authoring and support (including templates)
• New customizable user interface to best suit individual creative needs
• Improved work-flow management featuring campaign-based asset management
• Improved scalability and efficiency due to enhanced upload functionality
• New and improved templates for widget creation
• New staging environment for synched RoadBlock ad units, including a unique debug window
• New operating system-specific APIs to reduce system complexity and improve communications
• Consolidated reporting for all in-page rich media and in-stream placements – ability for clients to compare and optimize campaigns across both types of placement

Some of the key features retained from the previous version of AdWonder include:
• Full support for both Mac and PC users
• Full in-page rich media and video ad authoring and support (including over 50 built-in templates)
• Compatible with all versions of ActionScript
• Efficient demo creation which enables users to create and modify demos without affecting the published ads

AdWonder 9.3 supports agencies and designers using Adobe Flash Professional CS3, and delivers enhanced creative capabilities, greater audience reach and improved workflow efficiencies than many competitive platforms. AdWonder is already the choice of eight of the top ten agencies in the U.S. and is leveraged by more than 500 agencies worldwide.

About EyeWonder
EyeWonder, Inc. is the pioneering Interactive Digital Advertising provider that extends the reach of online rich media and interactive video ads to any interactive, digital device displays. Through its renowned technology, products and services, the company empowers advertisers, advertising agencies, and content publishers to centrally create, deliver, manage and optimize all of their interactive digital ad campaigns. EyeWonder’s unique development process and campaign management platform enables the industry’s most comprehensive creative capabilities, resulting in digital advertising campaigns that are proven to drive the best results.
EyeWonder, Inc., headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A., continues to rapidly grow its business domestically and internationally in response to increasing worldwide demand for its innovative Interactive Digital Advertising solutions.
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