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Metacafe Gets to Monetize Content from 12 New Video Content Providers


Metacafe has announced earlier today 12 new deals with video content providers – a move that will significantly enlarge their already impressive video inventory.

Metacafe specializes in short videos, precisely what works best for online consumers who don’t have the time or the patience to look into long form video content. Having said this, it becomes pretty obvious that the overall monetization opportunities for Metacafe have just diversified further, putting the company in a very enviable position.

Short videos are the easiest to monetize, and the most efficient given the higher CPM or CPE rates for:

– pre-rolls, mid-rolls and post-rolls;
– overlay ads;
– interactive video ads;
– companion ads.

They can usually hold more advertising time and calls to action per minute of content (by comparison with long form video content) and studies show that the user interaction levels are higher.

Metacafe’s most recent deals* will likely please agencies and advertisers looking for quality and legitimate video content to advertise against, as most video platforms are simply un-monetizable due to copyright issues (YouTube, for example).

What’s next for Metacafe? Perhaps renouncing their independent status and graciously accepting an offer from one of the suitors – that’ll be one sweet deal!

60 Frames
, which finances and syndicates professionally produced short-form digital entertainment and creates unique, highly effective online advertising opportunities for national brands
, a leading animation virtual production studio that teams up with creators around the world to produce a wide range of original animated content.
, which delivers up-to-the-minute entertainment news 24/7, offering the sophistication and credibility of a television news network, while providing the on-demand, real-time benefits of a premium online destination
Collegiate Images
, the centralized licensing and rights clearance agency that manages the distribution of copyrighted intellectual property content, focusing exclusively on college sports
, a comedy entertainment site that combines user-generated content and original, professionally produced content from some of the funniest peeps in the business
Comedy Time
, the global market leader in original comedy content created for wireless handsets and broadband
Diagonal View
, an aggregator of original viral video entertainment
GamePro Media
, publishers of GamePro.com and GamePro Magazine, and a division of IDG
, which shows consumers the web’s most engaging, useful how-to videos wherever, whenever they need to learn how…
, the production company behind “Easy to Assemble,” a scripted Web series written and created by and starring Illeana Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Tom Arnold, Craig Bierko, Kevin Pollack, Justine Bateman and Ed Begley Jr., and sponsored by IKEA
, an aggregator of videos on the latest gadgets, games and gear
, one of the largest producers of original celebrity programming in Hollywood.