Google’s Content Network is Now Seasoned with DoubleClick Cookies

One more step for Google towards world domination – well, at least towards user-targeting domination. In a not much advertised move, Google decided to fine-tune the ad targeting in their content network (= Google AdSense monetized sites) by employing DoubleClick cookies.

Therefore, whenever you visit a site carrying AdSense ad slots, your browser will likely be served yet one more cookie, taking it to new heights of glycaemia. This is, of course, for your own benefit {insert irony here}… to see more relevant, more targeted ads.

In Google’s own words:

“How does Google use DoubleClick cookies to serve ads?

Google uses the DoubleClick DART cookie on our Google content network to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times you view an ad. When you visit a website and view an ad or click on an ad supported by Google’s advertising services, we may set a cookie on your browser. This advertising cookie will appear in your browser as

When the cookie is set on your browser, it allows Google to gather information about your browser’s interaction with a given ad. This information gets recorded in a log that looks something like this:

time: 06/Aug/2008 12:01:32
ad_placement_id: 105
ad_id: 1003
userid: 0000000000000001
referral_url: “”

The “time” field reflects the time the ad was displayed. The “ad placement id” and “ad id” identify the advertising campaign and the specific ad served. The “userid” is the display ad cookie that identifies the browser. The “client IP” reflects the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. A “referral URL” indicates the URL of the page where the ad was served. Our logs also record whether a user’s browser clicks on or interacts with an ad.”

What is unclear yet, and I’m going to test it soon, is what happens when the AdSense JavaScript code is not directly displayed in one’s browser and is executed through an ad server instead. Will be back with the test results soon!

P.S. Haven’t I told you that the AdSense – DoubleClick integration is about to happen any minute?