Where Have All the Click-Throughs Gone?

Compete Webinar to Reveal Best Practices in Landing Page Effectiveness

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Compete, Inc., a leading web analytics company and unit of TNS media, today announced it will host a webinar on August 21st to share an in-depth analysis of best practices for optimizing consumer behavior after they click through online advertisements. The webinar, “Where Have All the Click-throughs Gone?,” will showcase online landing pages from the ad campaigns of leading automotive, financial services, telecom and travel brands. Compete will discuss examples of optimized site experiences and performance metrics that marketers can immediately apply to achieve their click-through and conversion rate goals.

Marketers invest a significant amount of time and money in marketing campaigns aimed at delivering positive post-click experiences, ultimately hoping to convert these clicks into sales. On average, however, more than 95 percent of visitors that click on online ads never make a purchase. In addition, because post-click experiences vary widely, conversion rates can differ by as much as five times between the top and bottom quartiles in an industry, leaving significant opportunities for marketers to boost ROI.

Compete’s Landing Page EffectivenessSM is the first advertising measurement service to track campaign-specific performance of competitors’ advertisements and determine how well they worked beyond simple impressions and click-through metrics.

Stephen DiMarco, chief marketing officer at Compete and Miro Kazakoff, managing director, will lead the webinar in which participants can expect to gain valuable insight into:

* Landing page optimization from the advertising experience through conversion
* Increasing returns on marketing and development investments
* Industry-specific performance metrics for the best landing page experiences of 2007

The webinar, “Where Have All the Click-throughs Gone?,” will be held on August 21st, 2008 at 2:00 PM ET. To register, please visit the highlights section on Compete’s home page: www.compete.com or register directly at http://tinyurl.com/6qq3y8.

For more information about Compete’s new Landing Page Effectiveness product, email [email protected].

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