Epic Advertising Emerges as Online Marketing Leader: Azoogle Well-Ranked for a Niche Ad Network

Latest results by comScore, Inc. show the company’s expanding internet reach

NEW YORK-Epic Advertising (www.EpicAdvertising.com), the New York-based online performance marketing company, announced today that its performance display ad network division, the Azoogle Ad Network, has been ranked the 28th largest ad network domestically (48th largest web property overall in the “Ad Focus” report) for July 2008 by comScore, Inc., the industry leader in online audience measurement. This placement ranks Epic among the very top for specialty or niche ad network players, and within range of the largest horizontal ad networks – while only counting a portion of Epic’s overall traffic, with the rest coming from search via its performance search business. The company’s monthly reach through the Azoogle Ad Display Network now spans more than 40 million unique visitors a month. July marks the first time the company or any of its business units have been publicly ranked by comScore, Inc.

Epic Advertising is a dominant, global performance marketing company, connecting advertisers from all over the world to highly targeted online consumers through display advertising, via the Azoogle Ad Display Network, its award-winning performance-based ad network, and through its performance search business. Epic’s traffic comes from its vast display “reach” – as counted in the comScore report — and through high-performing search marketing.

“These results are very positive for us and highlight an important piece of our compelling overall growth story in 2008,” said Michael Sprouse, Chief Marketing Officer of Epic Advertising. “Our reach via display advertising in the U.S., as these rankings indicate, coupled with the reach numbers we track internally through Search, show a position of strength in the global online marketing ecosystem to the tune of over 22 billion ad impressions served per month worldwide. We are becoming a growing force in providing advertisers and agencies with a wide range of effective marketing solutions, whether through display, search, social network monetization, text ads, video advertising, pCPM and more. We don’t just buy impressions; rather, we ensure our marketing and targeting efforts across all platforms are tailored to each client individually.”

About Epic Advertising:

Epic Advertising (www.EpicAdvertising.com) is a global online performance marketing company that provides advertisers with measurable Internet advertising impact. Leveraging proprietary and patent-pending contextual and behavioral targeting technologies, and the over 35,000 publishers in its highly-acclaimed Azoogle Ad Network, Epic provides its advertising partners with performance and direct response marketing services, media planning and a targeted, worldwide reach.

A pioneer in both the online performance marketing industry and in Internet advertising integrity assurance, Epic Advertising brings an intense focus on achieving the highest ROI yield for its advertising partners via transparent display and search consumer traffic. Epic scales its solutions by leveraging vast quantities of data, enormous internet reach and unparalleled industry expertise.

Epic Advertising is headquartered in New York, with offices in San Francisco and Toronto. The company is privately held and backed by private equity firms TA Associates and Stripes Group.