Break Media and Quantcast Join Forces to Provide Granular Online Video Data to Marketers

New Partnership Provides Deep Insight into Video Viewing Audience

LOS ANGELES – Break Media, the Internet’s premier entertainment community for men, announced a relationship with Quantcast that will enable the company to provide detailed audience-based demographic insights to its advertising clients and prospects. Specifically, Break Media will be implementing Quantcast Publisher across their video distribution network, a move which will allow marketers and agencies to analyze online video packages in similar fashion to how they evaluate TV ratings data.

“As younger audiences continue the rapid migration from television to online video consumption, advertisers are seeking data that allows them to confidently shift media budgets online at the same pace,” said Keith Richman, CEO of Break Media. “Our partnership with Quantcast will allow us to provide the information marketers need to ensure that their dollars are effectively spent reaching their target audience.”

Break will include Quantcast tags in its proprietary video player, allowing census-level viewership data to be reported. Quantcast’s innovative audience service solves many of the challenges posed by today’s dynamic digital distribution environment by allowing audience profiles to be generated at the individual video, channel, or distribution point level. This granularity of reporting will allow Break Media to deliver enhanced targeting, improved package development, and post-campaign validation for their advertising partners.

“Online video is no different from other forms of advertising – marketers and their agencies want to understand who they have the potential to reach,” said Adam Gerber, CMO of Quantcast. “But ultimately, they want to address advertising to those who have the highest probability of engaging with their brand. Break Media recognizes the opportunity of delivering audience-based solutions to their advertising partners, and we’re thrilled to be working with them to deliver solutions.”

About Break Media:

Break Media is the Internet’s premier entertainment community for men. Break Media consists of wholly owned branded properties such as, Cage Potato, Chickipedia, Holy Taco, Wall Street Fighter and Screen Junkies as well as a publisher network, the Break Media Network, that counts over 100 member sites. Between these two channels, Break Media reaches over 60 million men worldwide on a monthly basis. Founded in 1998, Break Media offers advertisers unique opportunities to market directly to a young, male demographic through innovative ad formats that introduce relevant brands to the audience on a targeted, integrated basis. For more information, please visit