SpotMixer gains traction with thousands of online advertisers, extends lead with unique, easy-to-use video ad templates

SpotMixer revolutionizes the market as the only one-stop source for users to easily create, edit and distribute ads

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.—August 25, 2008—SpotMixer ( an innovative online video advertising service of One True Media, Inc., announced today that the company is gaining rapid momentum in the do-it-yourself video ad creation market, adding thousands of new business users since its May launch. SpotMixer is kicking off the fall advertising season with an expanded template library, now offering more than 300 templates. As it rolls out service enhancements that even more effectively meet customers’ needs, SpotMixer is becoming known as the leading online service provider for businesses to easily and inexpensively create professional-quality video ads they can distribute online or via television.

“With SpotMixer, our goal is to give businesses the best of both worlds,” said Mark Moore, CEO of One True Media, which owns and operates SpotMixer. “Unlike other video ad services providers, we do not limit advertisers to stock footage or pre-built ads in order to make it ‘easy,’ and we do not require advertisers to pay us or third-party videographers in order to produce a ‘custom’ ad. In a single interface, we give customers all the tools and all the options to produce the ads they want, and distribute them via the channels that will reach their target audience. Our unique offering is the reason why SpotMixer is seeing such rapid adoption in the market.”

Enhanced Template Library
SpotMixer is the first and only video ad services provider to offer a template-based approach for custom video ads, allowing users to create ads with the same ease as assembling an online photo album. SpotMixer’s professionally designed templates include a wide range of transitions, effects, music and pacing that appeal to a broad range of businesses. Users simply choose from the over 300 available templates and insert their own photos, videos, music (or augment with SpotMixer’s extensive library of stock photos, videos, and music tracks), and record an optional voiceover. The result is a polished video ad. Businesses can create ads on SpotMixer free of charge, and when they are ready to publish, monthly subscriptions start at $59.

Local and National TV Advertising Options
One of the first self-serve ad creation platforms selected by Google for its TV Ad Creation Marketplace, SpotMixer gives businesses options to use their ads in the medium that will be most effective for them. Using SpotMixer, businesses can take an online ad and transform it into a television ad they can distribute via Google TV Ads on local or national television. Businesses now have an easy way to try out TV advertising.

Ease of Use, Happy Customers
“SpotMixer demystifies the process of creating, editing, and distributing video ads,” said Dick Rozic, co-founder of Aveon Inc., a custom audio/video and home automation system integrator serving clients in the Houston area. “With SpotMixer, we can create videos on the fly that appeal to any one of our many target audiences, from clients looking for a single-room surround or home theater system to those building a new custom home who want all the latest home technologies throughout their home. The fact that potential customers can now see our video ads online or even on TV allows us to showcase our services and positions us as the premier home control solutions provider in Houston.”

About SpotMixer and One True Media

SpotMixer, a service of One True Media, Inc., helps small and medium sized businesses join the online video marketing revolution by offering templates and tools for easy-to-use yet sophisticated video ad creation, distribution and analytics. The first and most respected name in Web-based video creation for consumers, One True Media has leveraged its technology and marketing expertise into SpotMixer, enabling businesses to have an elegant yet affordable solution for creating and managing their online advertising. Founded in 2005, the company is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and is headquartered in Redwood City, CA. For more information about SpotMixer, please visit