Jingle Networks, Operator of 1-800-FREE411, Launches In-Call Advertising Network

“JingleConnect” Enables Free Directory Assistance Leader to Extend Network of 130,000 Advertisers to Other Companies Seeking In-Call Revenue

BEDFORD, Mass. – Jingle Networks, Inc., the leader in free advertiser-supported directory assistance and operator of 1-800-FREE411, has launched “JingleConnect,” an in-call advertising network service to connect advertisers with millions of ready-to-buy consumers. Using its own ad-serving technology, Jingle Networks will help advertisers and companies with high call volume earn revenue by selling in-call ad time – a proven way to reach consumers via a one-to-one calling environment.

JingleConnect allows any company with high call volume to easily and seamlessly insert audio advertisements in their calls, by taking advantage of Jingle’s existing base of more than 130,000 advertisers on 1-800-FREE411. Jingle’s technology can distribute audio advertising to other companies that operate call centers, information lines, or any calling environment where their consumers are on hold.

JingleConnect is already serving millions of advertisements each month for more than a dozen publishers. These include companies such as SayNow, which enables fans to send phone and text messages to celebrities and Slydial, which lets you slip a message directly into voicemail. Other publishers include Snoozester, Inc. and RH Brands, operators of The Rejection Hotline.

“JingleConnect is a logical evolution for us, as we’ve already created a profitable ad-supported directory assistance service that has served more than 900 million ads to date,” said John Roswech, president of Jingle Networks. “JingleConnect has the ability to attract advertisers that are looking for new and effective ways to talk to a large audience of consumers – and to help companies easily monetize in-call time.”

In-call advertising is becoming an increasingly important media channel for advertisers who are looking for new ways to reach a fast growing mobile population. Given that wait times for customer service lines now average up to 15 minutes or more per call, converting dead air into a revenue stream while capturing a captive audience on hold has become an attractive revenue opportunity for companies of all types and sizes.

Since launching 1-800-FREE411 in 2005, Jingle has assembled one of the largest telephonic audio ad networks in the world, with more than 130,000 advertisers. Partners such as Idearc and Citysearch.com, marquee brands like McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, Ford and Radio Shack, and small independent retailers use Jingle’s interactive audio campaigns to engage target audiences.

“A successful in-call ad network requires an ad inventory that will attract companies looking to build a revenue stream from their customer hold time, and having the technology to deliver the ads,” said Matt Booth, senior vice president and program director, Interactive Local Media for The Kelsey Group. “With its track record in bringing in-call advertising to its own customers in the free directory assistance business, Jingle Networks is well positioned to deliver JingleConnect to other markets.”

For more information, or to join the JingleConnect, contact [email protected] or go to www.jingleconnect.net.

About Jingle Networks

Jingle Networks is transforming the way advertisers view the telephone. Jingle runs the nation’s leading ad-supported directory assistance service 1-800-FREE411 (www.free411.com), providing consumers an anytime, anywhere source of free information by phone. 1-800-FREE411 offers advertisers highly targeted and timely promotional opportunities to reach a large but targeted customer base who are ready-to-buy, garnering a response rate twice that of other direct response media. The company also operates JingleConnect, an in-call advertising network that allows any company with high call volume to easily and seamlessly insert audio advertisements in their calls, by leveraging of Jingle’s base of over 130,000 advertisers. For more information on Jingle Networks and 1-800-FREE411 go to www.free411.com and for information on JingleConnect go to www.jingleconnect.net.