Quattro Wireless and uLocate Find Each Other to Launch Location-Based Ads on WHERE for the iPhone

Partnership Brings Together Leaders in Mobile Advertising and Location-Based Services to Create Exclusive Advertising Opportunity

BOSTON – Quattro Wireless (www.quattrowireless.com), North America’s best performing mobile ad network, and uLocate Communications (www.ulocate.com), the world’s leading publisher of mobile location-based services, today announced a partnership that will present brands with unprecedented advertising opportunities to target and serve iPhone owners through an industry-first location-based advertising service. The deal extends Quattro’s In-App Network by leveraging uLocate’s WHERE™ application to deliver location-based overlays for Quattro’s innovative iPhone ad units. In addition, Quattro and uLocate will develop new ad-sponsorships for location-based keyword search, Widgets and Map options within WHERE.

WHERE, one of the most popular location-based applications in Apple’s iPhone App Store, will utilize Quattro’s dynamic ad serving platform to enable highly targeted in-application ads to be served to iPhone users based on contextual, demographic, behavioral and location information. WHERE’s location-based service will be added to Quattro’s industry leading Video, Call, In-Application, iTunes and Popover iPhone ad units. Under the deal, ad inventory for the WHERE application on the iPhone is available exclusively through the Quattro In-App Network and for Quattro’s flagship advertisers such as Toyota, Herbal Essences, Sony, Comcast and LionsGate.

WHERE helps users connect with the people, places and things around them by delivering geographically relevant retail, business and event information, as well as entertainment content. By contextualizing advertising with location through a consumer’s proximity and active search, Quattro and uLocate will create a premium and unprecedented advertising opportunity for brand marketers to elevate the mobile ad market. By example, Quattro and WHERE will enable rich advertising opportunity with:

Search-To-Map Keyword Advertising whereby search results can be paired with contextual advertisements–i.e. Walgreen’s could purchase the keywords “headache” and “Advil” to drive consumers to the closest store.

Widget Sponsorship allows multi-product or multi-channel brands such as Wal-Mart or Staples to highlight their store locations on the widget map home page and provide product specials.

WHERE™ Widget Banners inside BuddyBeacon and Local Search will be targeted to user behavior and widget type as well as provide full “Click To” functionality–ie. Click-To-Maps or Click-To-Video–to extend the interactive advertising experience.

“Our iPhone-exclusive partnership with uLocate is the latest example of Quattro’s leadership in providing advertisers and publishers with unsurpassed access to iPhone users and unprecedented premium advertising opportunities,” said Andrew Miller, CEO of Quattro Wireless. “Quattro has the largest network of adapted Publisher web sites for the iPhone–ranging from NFL to CollegeHumor.com to CBS News–and the addition of WHERE adds a sought after location element and cements our reputation as the go-to partner for brands that want to target the coveted iPhone market.”

“The popularity of WHERE among iPhone users makes it an ideal platform for brands seeking innovative ways to reach a highly relevant and receptive audience,” said Walt Doyle, CEO, uLocate Communications. “Together with Quattro Wireless, we are offering an unprecedented level of context to advertisers as we leverage the power of location to deliver the right message at precisely the right time.”

“Coupling Quattro with location-based service WHERE creates a compelling advertising opportunity on the iPhone. Being able to place one of my client’s ads in front of a consumer headed to a Wal-Mart or a Walgreens is a premium opportunity for Brand in Hand and its clients,” said John Hadl, CEO of Brand In Hand whose clients include Procter & Gamble, American Express and Essurance. “By adding proximity of a consumer’s location to a brand’s media placement, we can invest in media much closer to a moment of truth, a sale.”

A tutorial for the advertising units available through Quattro and WHERE is available at www.QuattroWireless.com.

About Quattro Wireless

Quattro Wireless is North America’s best performing mobile advertising network, specializing in taking wired assets to the wireless world. With the industry’s only pre- and post-click technology platform, Quattro provides category leading Publishers and Premium branded advertisers with a turnkey solution to extend their internet offering to the mobile web. Publishers leverage Quattro’s proprietary mobilization technology and interactive feature set to launch dynamic, ad supported mobile web versions of their wired web sites. Advertisers partner with Quattro to design, develop and serve targeted and interactive campaigns to the highly engaged Quattro Network audience. Quattro Wireless was founded in 2006 by proven mobile pioneers and is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. For more information, please visit http://www.quattrowireless.com.


WHERE, a service of uLocate Communications, connects consumers with people, places and things through the power of location. Whether finding friends in a crowded city, locating the lowest gas prices, satisfying a craving for a latte or scoring tickets to a local show, it’s all about navigating your world. WHERE lets consumers personalize their mobile experience while exploring and sharing interests with friends. Whatever your pursuits, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, ShopLocal, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon® and more.

Available on most major carriers including Alltel, AT&T, Boost, Helio, metroPCS and Sprint, the WHERE platform channels the power of location to the latest mobile devices including Nokia, BlackBerry and the iPhone. For more information, please visit www.where.com.