Trafficking 101: How to Traffic Flashtalking Ads in DoubleClick DFP

Although using Flashtalking tags in DART for Publishers (DFP) is not yet documented in DoubleClick’s knowledge base, they’re nothing too difficult to work with and pose little to no issues.

The agency or the advertiser using Flashtalking will be giving you an URL with a structure similar to this:

To traffic such ads in DoubleClick DFP, follow these steps:

1. Open the URL described above in a browser window;

2. Amend the script to count clicks on your end if you wish to, and don’t forget to update it;

3. Copy the tag to your clipboard (click the button, or select and copy the tag manually);

4. Traffic in DFP as Custom Rich Media ads, as you would do with any JavaScript code, for example;

5. You don’t need to edit the code in any way, as Flashtalking ads are auto cachebusting and don’t require a random number or a timestamp.

A sample Flashtalking code ready to be trafficked in DFP would look like this:

<script language=”Javascript1.1″ type=”text/javascript”>
var ftClick = “”;
var ft300x250_OOBclickTrack = “”;
var ftRandom = Math.random()*1000000;
var ftBuildTag1 = “<scr”;
var ftBuildTag2 = “</”;
var ftTag = ftBuildTag1 + ‘ipt language=”javascript1.1″ type=”text/javascript” ‘;
ftTag += ‘src=”’+ftClick+’&cachebuster=
‘+ftRandom+'”=”ftscript_300x250″ name=”ftscript_300x250″‘;
ftTag += ‘”>’ + ftBuildTag2 + ‘script>’;
<a href=”” target=”_blank”>
<img border=”0″ src=”×250.jpg”></a>

If you have any questions at all in regard to using Flashtalking tags / code, you can contact Paul Cunningham at paul.cunningham @ or call +44 (0)20 7637 2213. Additionally, if you are new to Flashtalking, check out – these guys know rich media!