Specific Media Launches Dynamic Display Platform Providing Online Advertisers Unparalleled Control and Efficiency in Delivering Customized Ads to Relevant Audiences

Customizable Ad Templates Maximize Impact while Minimizing Creative Investment

Saving Advertisers Significant Time and Money

Irvine, Calif. – November 11, 2008 – Specific Media, the world’s largest independent media platform, today announced the launch of Dynamic Display™, a powerful solution that enables online advertisers to deliver customized, highly-relevant display ads to target audiences across their online media plans in real time, with minimal creative investment required.

The Dynamic Display platform simplifies the management and delivery of creative elements that appear within a display ad, providing advertisers the flexibility and control to customize up to three areas of an ad template. Each area can be populated to highlight different products, business locations, sales incentives, merchandising opportunities and more. By strategically developing a data feed with each customer, Specific Media is able to set rules that alter the customizable components of the ad template and deliver specific messages based on distinct audience profiles throughout its Premium Network.

Combined with Specific Media’s leading demographic, behavioral, contextual, geographic and retargeting technologies, the Dynamic Display platform saves advertisers time and money while enabling them to reach relevant audiences with pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled efficiency. The platform is particularly beneficial for large organizations that offer a variety of products or services, or vary their message to add relevance and impact when targeting segmented audiences.

“The Dynamic Display platform represents a significant breakthrough in the way customized messages are streamlined to a mass audience to create maximum impact,” said David Jakubowski, senior vice president, Specific Media. “We feel that this platform, combined with our leading targeting technologies, provides advertisers a way to inject new life into their display advertising strategies.”

The platform’s flexibility allows advertisers to integrate and scale campaigns based on existing data feeds and media buys, while continuously delivering real-time results that can be applied to campaign objectives. Several advertisers within the travel sector are currently leveraging the platform to reach holiday travelers, including American Airlines.

“For the fourth quarter, we wanted to maximize the reach and impact of our online advertising efforts by serving highly relevant and timely messaging to American Airlines’ broad base of travelers,” said Jessie Wallin, digital media planner for the American Airlines account at TM Advertising. “Specific Media’s Dynamic Display platform allows us to simplify the process of delivering highly customized messages by assigning each audience segment to one of dozens of creative combinations.”

Specific Media’s Dynamic Display platform is available to advertisers across a variety of industries including the retail, automotive, consumer packaged goods and entertainment sectors.

About Specific Media

Specific Media is uniquely positioned as the world’s largest independent media platform, solving the reach and data problems facing today’s advertisers. Specific Media enables advertisers to target consumers throughout North America and Western Europe based on demographics, behaviors, geographic locations and the contextual relevance of websites visited. Specific Media’s Premium Network reaches more than 150 million US consumers and 225 million consumers globally each month. With a relentless focus on delivering measurable, predictable results in a brand-friendly environment, Specific Media is defining tomorrow’s marketing standards, today.