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Ringleader Digital Redefines Mobile Advertising with Groundbreaking Tracking of Individual User Activity Across the Mobile Ecosystem


Proprietary Media Stamp Technology Extends Online Advertising Capabilities to Mobile; Enables Mobile Publishers and Advertisers to Reach Customers with Targeted Offers; Increases Campaign ROI while Enhancing the Mobile User Experience

NEW YORK – Ringleader Digital, the only mobile third-party ad serving network, introduced Media Stamp, the industry’s first persistent device identification technology. The server-side Media Stamp technology provides the ability to track individual mobile handsets anonymously across the entire mobile ecosystem. By delivering powerful analytics to both publishers and agencies, Media Stamp provides new levels of campaign control and visibility required to provide users with the highly relevant content required to enhance the mobile experience.

By “stamping” a mobile device, Ringleader Digital enables agencies and brands to identify unique visitors and track their clicks, impressions, and acquisitions across all browsing sessions, mobile sites, and wireless carriers. Media Stamp is the first technology to standardize these ad serving and analytic capabilities in mobile, which were previously only available for online advertising.

Media Stamp’s anonymous device identification technology does not track users. Rather, it builds profiles of each device by tracking mobile online usage patterns across nearly 100 discriminators that include device type, geography, and mobile carrier information. Importantly, Ringleader Digital’s solution does not collect personally identifiable information – and, for example, would not track mobile phone numbers or other personal data.

Thumbplay, the leading U.S. mobile entertainment destination, is among the first customers to employ the new Ringleader Digital technology. Effective immediately, Thumbplay.com will feature the service and begin providing focused ads to site visitors.

“We now have the ability to provide a greater degree of targeted ads across our growing portfolio of products,” said Toby McKenna, VP of Advertising Sales at Thumbplay, Inc. “Ringleader Digital’s Media Stamp has the potential to provide ‘game changing’ visibility into mobile user reach. For the first time, we can provide frequency capping, sequential ad delivery and detailed reporting on uniques. This will translate directly into greater campaign ROI for advertisers.”

Ringleader Digital’s open architecture is designed to integrate seamlessly with advertising technologies such as analytics tools and agency ad serving platforms. By employing a standard tracking methodology across the mobile environment, Media Stamp will help position mobile advertising as an increasingly critical and measurable component of the digital media mix.

“The potential of mobile advertising has been constrained because agencies and publishers have not had the real-time visibility or analytics required to validate the return on investment for mobile ad campaigns” said Bob Walczak, CEO of Ringleader Digital. “Media Stamp is reinventing mobile advertising by quickly gaining a strong understanding of user preferences and enabling mobile advertisers to provide targeted, relevant advertisements to growing and active mobile audiences.”

With the unique identification of devices, advertisers can employ frequency and session capping controls to increase ad rotation and reduce oversaturation of individual ads. Media Stamp also allows advertisers to deliver sequential messaging to a single user. As profiles of mobile devices grow, the “self-training” Media Stamp system gains additional information on user preferences, which in turn enables the delivery of a new level of targeted, relevant mobile advertisements.

“The ability to provide enhanced targeting and analytics also creates an increased requirement to fine-tune privacy guidelines,” said Sonjoy Ganguly, VP of Product Management at Ringleader Digital. “Ringleader Digital is committed to supporting privacy best practices and is taking an active role shaping future mobile privacy policies with industry organizations.”

Conversion tracking capabilities from Media Stamp analyze how impressions/click results are connected to actions. Media Stamp can also associate the user’s behavior to each page that included a specific served ad – enabling publishers to identify all pages that contributed to a visitor’s conversion. Ringleader Digital is also expanding Media Stamp capabilities to enable real-time delivery of targeted ads by correlating behavioral and engagement patterns to deliver targeted and actionable advertisements.

About Ringleader Digital

As the next-generation mobile advertising network, Ringleader Digital brings the online advertising experience to mobile—fulfilling the potential and promise of the mobile Web. Ringleader’s device-agnostic network is the only third-party mobile ad service, and is the first to specifically target ads by device functionality. Ringleader simplifies advertising transactions and delivery by providing brands and publishers the ability to seamlessly and simultaneously distribute ad campaigns across any mobile digital platform. With this unprecedented control, publishers maximize the revenue potential for ad campaigns while brands and advertisers can finally track and audit every element of a campaign’s effectiveness. Ringleader is based in New York City. For more information please visit www.ringleaderdigital.com.