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dBase Media Boosts Brand and Direct Marketing Campaigns with LookSmart


Leading Search Advertising Agencies Leverage LookSmart’s Professional Services and Quality Search Advertising Network to Save Time and Drive Results

SAN FRANCISCO – Advertising agencies and search engine marketers (SEMs) continue to achieve positive results for their clients with LookSmart, Ltd. (NASDAQ:LOOK), a premier search advertising network and management company. dBase Media (www.dbasemedia.com), a leading SEM firm specializing in managing brand and direct marketing campaigns for leading advertisers, leverages LookSmart to generate quality clicks for its clients in the travel and tourism, political issue and advocacy, entertainment, and non-profit industries.

“LookSmart understands marketing better than any other search advertising network out there; we know we can rely on the quality of the LookSmart network to generate the consistent visitor traffic that our clients have come to expect,” said Mitch Johnson, president of dBase Media. “LookSmart’s Managed Service staff has gone out of its way to offer help and accommodate our frequent optimization requests, making it a valuable complement to our clients’ search campaigns.”

“dBase Media customers have come to expect solid marketing campaigns that generate leads and elevate brand awareness,” said Ted West, chief executive officer and president of LookSmart. “Agencies like dBase trust LookSmart to help them drive positive ROI for customers on the LookSmart network, easily manage several campaigns at once, and demonstrate solid value to their clients. Our teams work closely with agencies and search engine marketers, delivering the customer service and results they need at an affordable price. Our goal is to be the marketer’s marketer and the smartest choice among search advertiser networks.”

About LookSmart

LookSmart (NASDAQ:LOOK) is a premier search advertising network and management solutions company. A trusted provider of quality search advertising products and services to text advertisers, LookSmart offers targeted pay-per-click search and contextual advertising via its proven Search Advertising Network. For publishers seeking to create their own branded vertical advertising networks, LookSmart also licenses and manages search ad networks using its award-winning AdCenter platform. Dedicated to the quality of text advertising, LookSmart is one of the five founding members of the IAB Click Measurement Panel. For more information, visit www.LookSmart.com or call 415-348-7500.