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24/7 Real Media and OgilvyOne enter Joint Venture to launch China's ITOP Digital Advertising Network


SHANGHAI, China – 24/7 Real Media, Inc., the leading digital marketing company, and OgilvyOne China’s ITOP Performance Marketing division, announced that they are entering a joint venture to create ITOP 24/7 – effective January 2009. Based in Beijing, ITOP 24/7 will be a Chinese display and contextual advertising network that will enable advertisers and publishers to effectively and efficiently engage their target audiences in the digital marketplace.

On top of OgilvyOne ITOP’s existing platform, the joint venture will utilize the award winning Open AdStream® ad management technology, enhanced specifically for the Chinese market. OgilvyOne ITOP’s existing ad network covers key categories like IT & Telecommunications, Fashion & Entertainment, and Business & Finance and provides mid to large scale advertisers high quality targeted ad placements and audiences.

Utilizing the latest technology, ITOP 24/7 will pioneer the shift from traditional staff based advertising service to the use of internet advertising platforms, creating a more cost effective and robust advertising channel. OgilvyOne ITOP currently reaches up to 100m daily page views across its network of sites. OgilvyOne ITOP, whose current clients in China include IBM, China Unicom, Microsoft, and Daphne, is a solution for both small and large scale companies looking to maximize ROI. ITOP 24/7 will offer unique insight into the growing Chinese online market.

“24/7 Real Media is a pioneer in its category and a proven leader with more than ten years experience in running ad networks globally. They’re an excellent choice for us to partner with; providing our clients with the best breed of ad management technology,” commented Chris Reitermann, President of OgilvyOne China, “With the onset of the financial crisis, many more clients require effectiveness and measurement from their marketing campaigns, providing increased opportunity for a company like ITOP 24/7 that focuses on online marketing offers more targeted results and better ROI.”

Reitermann adds, “ITOP 24/7 is a venture that will enable us to bring marketing technology with scalability and effectiveness to our own business and our clients’. This type of business is just forming in China, but we are confident that it will become more platform-driven in the future. We also see a trend with advertisers asking for more vertical and niche sites as a part of the media mix. ITOP 24/7 enables advertisers to effectively reach audiences across a broad range of smaller sites.”

“Our relationship with OgilvyOne extends 24/7 Real Media’s reach into China and ITOP 24/7 will give Chinese advertisers an ad network that provides enhanced ROI, transparency and measurability,” said David J. Moore, Chairman and Founder of 24/7 Real Media, Inc. “We are looking forward to building a new ad network paradigm in China with ITOP 24/7.”

ITOP 24/7 targeting services will significantly increase the performance and ROI of online campaigns, enabling advertisers to connect with potential consumers through contextual matching. The combination of advertising service and targeting platforms, along with the extensive network power of Ogilvy, provides unparalleled exposure to advertisers in China.

About 24/7 Real Media, Inc.

24/7 Real Media, Inc. a WPP company (NASDAQ: WPPGY), is the leading global digital marketing company, empowering advertisers and publishers to engage their target audiences with greater precision, transparency and ROI. Using its award winning ad serving, targeting, tracking and analytics platform, powerful search marketing technology and global network of specialized Web sites, the company has turned the art of reaching audiences across virtually any digital medium into a measurable science. The company is headquartered in New York, with 18 offices in 12 countries throughout North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific region.

For more information, please visit www.247realmedia.com. 24/7 Real Media: The Science of Digital Marketing.

24/7 Real Media is a member of the NAI and adheres to the NAI privacy principles that have been applauded by the FTC. These principles are designed to help ensure Internet user privacy. For more information about online data collection associated with ad serving, including online preference marketing and an opportunity to opt-out of 24/7 Real Media cookies, go to: www.networkadvertising.org.

About ITOP and OgilvyOne Worldwide

ITOP, a precision marketing department of OgilvyOne Worldwide, established in January 2008, began providing contextual advertising services in August 2008. ITOP’s contextual advertising platform supports multi ad formats, publishing, and contains an iWord and iTopic targeting engine as well as bidding systems; becoming 1 of only 4 contextual matching engine providers in Chinese. ITOP receives around 100 million daily PVs from selected reliable media partners in the ITOP platform and gains more than 200 thousand clicks per day via this inventory.

OgilvyOne Worldwide is the strongest, most experienced and most highly awarded one-to-one marketing network in the world, with over 110 offices in 56 countries. It provides clients with a full range of direct, consulting and interactive services to deliver profitable customer relationships. The roster of clients is equally balanced between global clients including American Express, Cisco, Coca-Cola Company, DHL, GlaxoSmithKline, IBM, Nestlé, SAP and Unilever, and leading clients in our local markets. OgilvyOne Worldwide is a unit of The Ogilvy Group, which is part of WPP Group plc (NASDAQ: WPPGY), one of the world’s largest communications services groups.