Google AdSense and DoubleClick Integration: Google Ads Now Served Through DoubleClick (beta)

I’ve been repeatedly asked over the past several days what is going on in regard to the eagerly awaited Google AdSense – DoubleClick DFP integration, particularly since a number of people have noticed Google ads that appear to be served through DoubleClick.

Here’s an updated summary for all of you interested in the matter:

1. The integration AdSense – DoubleClick was originally scheduled to be included in the DoubleClick DFP fall release 2008 – there’s been even a premature announcement from DoubleClick concerning this. However, the release did not include support for AdSense.

2. Currently, AdSense integration is mentioned in DFP as being in “beta”, see screenshot below.

There are also a number of entries in DoubleClick DFP (DART for Publishers) help center in regard to the integration with Google AdSense, and publishers can even select “AdSense” as a topic when escalating issues to DoubleClick through their customer resource center (see below).

3. Some of you have noticed Google ads that appeared to be served through DoubleClick, since was part of their URL (as opposed to that is associated with ads served through the AdSense program into the Google content network). I can confirm that this is indeed the case, see screenshot below taken just a few minutes ago:

Additionally, my AdSense account displayed as having served ads – I have now added this domain to the list of domains permitted to serve ads through my account.

Conclusions? For now, just a couple:

– the Google AdSense – DoubleClick integration is NOT finalized yet;

– if you use both DoubleClick DFP and Google AdSense, continue trafficking the Google ads as custom rich media ads;

– DO add in your Google AdSense account’s list of allowed sites (you can do so by accessing the “Allowed Sites” page under the “AdSense Setup” tab);

– wait for a formal announcement from DoubleClick that the integration has been completed and available to publishers (check back here on, I’ll make sure to report this as soon as possible).

Questions, comments, ideas, thoughts? Post them below and I’ll be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge!