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AdGooroo Releases Special Mid-Quarter Search Advertising Report


New Report Shows Huge Q4 Advertiser Gains for Google, Yahoo! Losing Advertiser Share

CHICAGO – Despite the economic woes facing the country and numerous predictions for the implosion of advertising online and offline, a new report released from AdGooroo (www.adgooroo.com), a leading provider of online marketing competitive intelligence and keyword tools, provides evidence to the contrary.

“Google’s active advertiser count is a whopping 54.9 percent higher than it was in the fourth quarter of 2007, and this runs counter to what we hear in the marketplace today,” said AdGooroo Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes. “Some of this growth can be attributed to general year-over-year growth in consumer search usage, but Google has clearly adjusted their algorithm to serve more ads to consumers in each search in order to generate this impressive growth in first-page advertisers.”

The four-page report, “Mid-Quarter Search Engine Update – Q408,” offers an easy to digest overview of the successes and relative failures of the three largest U.S. search engines in the fourth quarter thus far. The complete report consists of one page of analysis, two pages of charts and lists of each search engine’s top 25 advertisers.

“We’ve proven in previous reports that ad coverage on the search engines provides a leading indicator of advertising activity,” added Stokes. “The Q4 data we analyzed show Google has increased its ad coverage back to their January 2008 levels. In fact, we saw first page Google ads increase from a low of 2.4 ads/search in September up to 4.4 ads/search in December.”

Other significant findings contained in the report include:

* Microsoft increased its share of advertisers by an estimated 11.5 percent from Q3 2008
* Although Yahoo! increased its active advertiser count, its U.S. and international share of advertisers dropped from 30.4 percent in September to 20.4 percent in November
* Q4 2008 may be the strongest quarter on record for both Google and Microsoft

Those interested in learning more can view and download a complimentary copy of the report, “Mid-Quarter Search Engine Update – Q408” in the AdGooroo Research Library: http://www.adgooroo.com/adgooroo_research_library.php.

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