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Amazon Leads the Crowd for Holiday Paid Search Advertising

Amazon Leads the Crowd for Holiday Paid Search Advertising

London: Amazon.co.uk has had the largest click share in paid search advertising in the UK to date this holiday season, capturing 8.8% of mobile ad click share and 7.5% of desktop click share on popular retail keywords, according to new data released today by Kantar Media.

The study, conducted via Kantar Media’s AdGooroo search marketing intelligence platform, analysed desktop and mobile text ad performance on 990 top retail keywords on Google.co.uk from 1st November through 11th December 2017, to assess paid search leadership. Keywords examples include ‘engagement rings’, ‘fitbit’, ‘washing machines’, ‘xbox one’, ‘laptops’ and ‘pandora charms’.

Kantar Media found that 4,259 advertisers sponsored the keywords via text ads on mobile search, compared with 3,798 advertisers sponsoring the same keywords via desktop search.

Of these, only seven retailers generated a click share higher than 1% for both desktop and mobile search text advertising. Together, these retailers captured a combined 26% share of all desktop clicks and 28% of mobile clicks on the 990 retail keywords studied.

Online giant Amazon.co.uk held a significant lead ahead of Argos, the retailer in second place for both desktop and mobile search ad clicks. Currys, John Lewis and online marketplace AO.com completed the top five in the list.

Eric Marcy, president at AdGooroo, commented, “Although Google is a competitive advertising marketplace, an elite group of well-known consumer brands are dominating the rest.

“Large retailers, such as those featured in this study, have an advantage over other players in the marketplace due to their deep product inventories for which they sponsor a higher number of keywords, their larger budgets and sophisticated campaign management. They also benefit from having well-known brands that consumers are inclined to click on.”

The top seven UK retailers for desktop and mobile paid search advertising click share 1st November – 11th December 2017:

Rank Advertiser Desktop search click share Mobile search click share
1 Amazon.co.uk 7.5% 8.8%
2 Argos 3.5% 5.2%
3 Currys 3.4% 3.7%
4 John Lewis 3.2% 2.5%
5 AO 2.5% 2.1%
6 House of Fraser 2.7% 1.8%
7 Oak Furniture Land 1.1% 1.4%

AdGooroo measures paid search activity on more than 2.5 billion search engine results pages across more than 50 countries and 14 search engines. Our proprietary algorithms and methodologies utilize the search data we collect in conjunction with machine learning and advanced statistical modeling to accurately estimate in-market results at the keyword, ad and advertiser level. The results of this study are limited to Google.co.uk desktop and mobile text ad activity on the 990 keywords cited. Advertisers may be sponsoring additional keywords that, if measured, would alter the findings of this study.

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