Latest Earnings Reports from Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) Validate Ad Coverage as Essential Metric for Search Engine Marketing

Ad coverage sheds light on future performance of top search engines

CHICAGO – On the heels of earnings announcements from Google (Goog) and Microsoft (MSFT), AdGooroo (, a leading provider of online marketing competitive intelligence and keyword tools, reaffirmed the importance of ad coverage as a critical success metric for leading search engines and serious search engine marketers alike.

“With such a wide range of predictions about the Q4 performance of leading search engines, many were taken by surprise to see a record Q4 for Google,” said AdGooroo’s Founder and Chief Gooroo Rich Stokes.

Click stream data, often cited in analyst reports, relies on panel data collected from small groups of individuals and later extrapolated to the general population. Ad coverage and other pre-click or impression-based search engine data, on the other hand, is collected on a much larger scale with technology and automation, essentially pulling the data directly from the marketplace by mining actual search engine results pages from a wide range of geographic locations.

“Thousands of marketers and 35 of the nation’s top 50 search agencies use AdGooroo’s impression-based data,” said Gary Allen, CEO of AdGooroo. “And while ad coverage is a valuable metric that these marketers turn to for guidance on managing their search campaigns, our track record has demonstrated for four consecutive quarters that it’s also an accurate indicator of leading engines’ revenue performance as well.”

AdGooroo’s report, “Search Engine Advertising Update – Q408,” was the fourth of its kind released to date and rounded out a year-long series of these reports, which provided accurate ad coverage data that assisted in the analysis of search engine performance for a wide range of leading business and industry media and analysts.

“Click stream data has inherent limitations that simply do not affect impression-based metrics like ad coverage,” explains Stokes. “We’re changing the way that marketers and Wall Street think about search engines, optimizing search engine marketing programs and measuring success on the fly, and for four consecutive quarters, we’ve had some great results to cite.”

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