Top Technology and Digital Media Leaders Converge at Stanford to Discuss Downturn’s Impact

The 15th Stanford Accel Symposium Hosted by MediaX Will Feature Thought Leaders From WPP, eBay, Facebook, CNET, Yahoo! and LinkedIn

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Accel Partners and Stanford’s MediaX announced their 15th symposium, which will feature unfiltered industry insights and offer the unique opportunity to learn and discuss the impacts of 2008’s dramatic events on the world of digital media and technology. The Symposium brings together the Stanford research community, high-technology business leaders, and entrepreneurs who are collectively driving developments in this rapidly changing arena.

The Accel symposium is geared towards entrepreneurs, academic and industrial researchers, investors and executives to learn first-hand how to be better informed about new trends in digital media, advertising, and next generation media-oriented business models. Attendees will explore the future of information technologies and services, and will gain critical direction and insight to take back to their companies and help drive their strategic and operational decisions.

Topics will include:

1. The Obama Administration Impact on Innovation Sectors

2. Digital Media Advertiser & Technology Priorities in a Downsizing World

3. Trends in Datacenter Infrastructure and Cloud Computing

4. Will the Recession Strengthen Open Source or Destroy Profitability?

5. SaaS Crossing the Chasm: Are We There Yet?

“We are very excited to be hosting our 15th Symposium,” stated Kevin Efrusy from Accel Partners. “We have great panelists and speakers this year that will explore what 2008 has meant for us and how it will impact the future of technology. It is important to learn from each other what we’ve done right and what has hindered our growth during this economic crisis.”

Symposium participants will include the following key industry figures:


* John Donahoe, CEO, eBay Inc.
* Sir Martin Sorrell, Chairman and CEO, WPP

Speakers and Panelists:

* Jeremy Allaire, CEO and Founder, Brightcove, Inc.
* Adam Bain, President of Audience Network, Fox
* Jim Bankoff, CEO, SB Nation
* Matthew Barzun, National Finance Team for Barack Obama and Former Chief Strategy Officer, CNET Networks, Inc
* John Battelle, Chairman and CEO, Federated Media
* Rob Bearden, Former President, Jboss; President, Springsource
* Dave Berman, President of Worldwide Sales and Service, WebEx
* Tim Cadogan, CEO, OpenX
* Duke Chung, CEO, Parature
* Scott Dietzen, SVP of Communications and Products, Yahoo!
* Curt Hecht, President, Vivaki Nerve Center
* Chris Hughes, Facebook, and Architect of Obama’s Digital Campaign Strategies
* Bob Muglia, President Server and Tools Business, Microsoft Corp.
* Raghu Ramakrishnan, Chief Scientist for Audience and Research Fellow at Yahoo, Inc.
* Mark Read, Strategy Director, WPP
* Mike Schroepfer, VP Engineering, Facebook
* Quincy Smith, CEO, CBS Interactive
* David Thompson, CEO, Genius Inc., Former CMO, WebEx
* Jayshree Ullal, President and CEO, Arista Networks
* Zack Urlocker, VP of Products, Sun Microsystems
* Maynard Webb, CEO, LiveOps; Former COO, eBay, Inc.
* Jeff Weiner, President, LinkedIn; Former EIR, Accel Partners

The 15th Stanford Accel Symposium hosted by MediaX is a one-of-its-kind gathering place for technology experts, stakeholders, leaders, and media. The one-day conference offers insider views and industry intelligence on the changing trends and leading-edge services and experiences in technology and digital media.

What: The 15th Stanford Accel Symposium – The Delta Conference: The Impact of 2008’s Dramatic Events on the World of Digital Media and Technology

Where: Arrillaga Alumni Center at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

When: February 25, 2009, 7:30 am to 3:45 pm

A full agenda can be accessed by visiting:

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