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FatTail Introduces PageGage Online Ad Sales Optimization Software


Increases Direct Ad Sales and Profitability for Online Publishers

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif. – FatTail Inc. announced PageGage, sales optimization software for online publishers that want to maximize online advertising revenue and profits, process more transactions faster and dramatically reduce ad sales and operation costs. PageGage makes it easier for publishers to price, plan and sell more premium guaranteed inventory and get from quote to cash quicker, by eliminating many of the inefficiencies of online ad sales operations. The beta version of PageGage is available immediately and provides an easy-to-use, complete yield management solution that automates inventory forecasting and proposal generation, provides dynamic pricing and projects campaign performance.

“With PageGage, any online publisher can increase the amount of ad inventory they sell direct and reduce their reliance on ad networks,” said Steve Pelletier, FatTail’s founder and CEO. “Plus, PageGage’s patent-pending AutoBuild™ technology allows sales reps to respond to RFPs in minutes versus days or weeks and provides customers with better performing campaigns and service.”

PageGage allows publishers to increase revenues because the software generates more accurate forecasts of inventory availability than traditional methods and provides sales representatives with real-time, value driven, dynamic pricing recommendations. With PageGage, sales representatives create more relevant RFP responses that include a much broader range of placement recommendations designed to generate the best results for a specific advertiser and increase publishers’ direct sales.

PageGage streamlines processes by automatically capturing data that all sales representatives and ad operations staff need to manage their business, and makes it easy to respond quickly to RFPs for new campaigns or campaign reoptimizations. Sales representatives just answer a few simple questions and the software generates a customized RFP response and provides them with expected campaign performance metrics. In addition, optimal pricing is automatically generated by PageGage’s dynamic pricing engine based on an analysis of sales history, seasonal site traffic trends, current fulfillment obligations and pre-existing client discount levels.

“The online advertising marketplace remains chaotic and disjointed with many eager buyers and sellers who are all operating on their own without standards and streamlined processes,” said Caroline Dangson, research analyst for IDC’s Digital Marketplace program. “Technologies like PageGage, allow for a more optimized and automated online ad sales process, which can increase the direct sales of publishers’ premium guaranteed inventory and decrease the amount of inventory they outsource to ad networks.”

For more information on PageGage and to join the PageGage beta program, visit www.FatTail.com.

About FatTail

FatTail, www.FatTail.com, makes it easy for online publishers to price, plan and sell premium guaranteed inventory. With FatTail’s sales optimization software, publishers can maximize revenue and save time and resources by automating proposal building, inventory and availability forecasting, and other sales processes. FatTail helps publishers process more transactions faster, get from quote to cash more quickly, and dramatically reduce their reliance on ad networks. Founded in 2001, the company’s flagship AdBook online ad sales and operations optimization software is used by more than 500 of the world’s leading websites. FatTail investors include Velocity Interactive Group, Ted Meisel and others.